My Birthday 2017

This year 2017 I celebrated my Life more openly, I feel Freedom, a Freedom i was asking for , yelling for and wanting since 9 years ago, I am sharing my Birthday, expressing myself as i am, this is me, do not like, do not continue reading? And well expressing myself along, with the people I care on my social networks, my private facebook profile and here over my blog,my spaces online, so yes I turned 1 more year old!

This past days brought more memories to me, memories in which I am all of it but not over it.

When my father passed away I was in fear, fear my project would not work out and fear to be with someone who did not work and continuosly criticized my work. In a harsh and bad way, as he was jelaous for me working from my home or really, who knows what his problem was.
(At this point he is married and with kids so who knowswhat he was doing along my path, living off me, controling me, etcetera!)

Thinking clearly about it, with time and plenty distance, taking a break from responsibilties my family lend over me such as my father heirloom paperwork, I now I can see why.

As my father passed away and I was alone in this life "money wise",
I did not have the support of any one, just my clients, my ex couple never wver lend, gave or provided me with 5 pesos nor 1 dollar.

So I was worried about my future, but the future of my family too, I did not know they sold my Dad stuff and lived a wealthy life as they at the same time asked me for things they needed, or just simply wanted, I got myself credits, and started paying under her names (which will alow them to either start a new business or use that further credit to something else) I got a computer for them, and on so many other things ipads cellphones, expensive clothing, expensive trips such as travels using planes to puerto Vallarta, but each time I asked for their help with my ex abusive partner they denied it and just got close to me when i was "fine" to keep asking for more, money and things.

Any how, I was living this situations as well making my way with seamstresses and workers  in vallarta or nayarit, meting people in Oaxaca and Puebla, providers, getting contacts, contacts that he kept for himself.

I was fighting for my life to get over my Dads Death, by my self,

When Carlos Rodriguez (aka as Carlos Hocker) offered me help he took me with "doctors" no psychologists nor therapists, plain doctors that lnow shit about feelings or abusive couples or domestic violence, hormones? Those Doctoros who never allowed me to talk about what was hurting - my father dead meaning no money support and me having to work off and do what i could to survive with no help of any one at all, no family, no husband no partner, no boyfriend nothing,  - and they just started giving me medications, he would always be there, telling what he saw as he was "really interested" he lied, he put words on there that made me look as a crazy human, I worked the night shift, (again) and he did all that and said all that as it was "wrong" he knew how to use people and even Doctors in the Vallarta area, to whom I paid
And never did clinical studies nor provided me with the clinical History where aware he was abusing from me, in so many ways, and they allowed him to be there as he wanted to be, as a figure of Control.

For years I worked as much as I could to get off that relation, I paid all bills, I was in charge of all and prove is the days I was "unavailable" due "health reasons" my business was not working as he did not know how to work, but did knkw how to spend my money.

One day I was back in track, I believe it was my Character that gave me strenght, I hace a strong ne,
Altought I look like a boho hipoie girl with an ingenuity touch to me that is just how I like to be,
But if you betraye me you will know my true self, if you do injustices I will respond, he knew that,
And stop for a while his abusive behaviors, getting advantage of mu business and money.

That Day I received Kate de Castillo call (yes Kate the muchachitas actress, La reina del Sur, one of my favorite books, the book I was reading before moving to Sayulita back in 2005), she wanted some dresses, ad Kate (I might shared this before with you, or not) but anyhow, I am expressing myself finally, she wanted me to go to A fancy hotel "like a viscount suite" but a St Regis in Punta de Mita!
With her, and her friends, I died, I was inpressed and happy and I could not stop jumping and thinking I was meting a girl once I admired in the TV.

I remember her call, I spoke in the phone with her, proof? I have her address which I have never shared  nor stalked her, phone and email address from mac, never spammed by me.

She said hola and I replied all smily, she requested my phone, normally I do not talk over the phone, as I tend to speak to much and make calls expensive.
I tried to focus on her questions and she said she was stunned with my work, I was very very happy to listen to this, no one at that point has said "good job" via phone, nor even "live". (Forget that guy for a while, just now in ten years he never said so, he even laughed about my "idea").

Well Kate Del Castillo said that, good job, and she also asked how many years I was, I responded all mature (segun yo) and she said you have still a long journey ahead and I said what? No, I am old enough and she giggled. (She knew what she was talking about, I was just starting I was a plita, still a little chicken).

She requested some dresses made, and to make the story short she received them, I do not know she wore the Mexican Dresses I made for her, we where all stunned, the seamstress was over the moon, she told half Puerto Vallarta what client I got, I told No Body.

I was preparing my self to go, thinking I was wearing one of the strapless and how I was doing my hair, thinking if maybe I could interview her, (abusing a bit, and making a hundred of stories in my head about who was going to be there!).

All of sudden, one day before my ex, just went on random thougts about "I was not tupperware" and I was not meant to go there, and so shitty things I got all diacouraged by him, how I allowed that?
How I allowed That? (That and the questions as How I stayed for so long? Are questions that still my friends make to me) and sometimes I wonder how come carlos hocker did not left, how come his family, his step mother lety leon from guadalajara, his father a doctor miguel rodrigue did not step up and took him away, to start with, my busiess paid for all, for house rent, all, so I did not need him, I used at that moment Taxi Cabs, but he knew how to discourage me, how to make me feel "uselss and not worthy" and also said somehing about my shoes, "they are old you know?" And I got all sad and got into my room,  until I felt I was "good enough" again, until I got in my feet, and saw her emails, she and her agent where looking for the "store" a physical one,. Someone told them I moved crom Sayulita to San Pancho, but I was not there to answer them.

So I never responded back to their emails.

From there on huge things went on my life, he my ex, started getting more than emotional violence, physically violent, he convinced me I had to let go off my pregnancy in 3 weeks as I was not "fine" to be a mother, I was asking days before to please leave, my sisters where witnesses and they did, nothing, Bianka was there visiting with his fiance at thr moment, they saw me in the WC every morning vomiting, they saw me sad, and never asked what was going on, they hust enjoyed la playa, the beach, later on my sister Maria, la Chary arrived with one of her boyfriends at the moment, they where there when  I was super sad due all my confussion about the abortion, I could not speak about that, it was not under my concensous, I did not want to go ahead, I wanted to talk with the doctor who gave me harsh meds, ady dominguez, talk ask questions about gestational diabetes, spina bifida, I called her, send her emails, never responded me back, Carlos did got on the phone with her but ahe said she was so busy, even it was an emergency, so my first baby dissapeared, and I got into more abuses and feeling I deserved that for been a "bad being" you know "little towns" "harsh hell?"

I never went with other psycoogist, and he Carlos Rodriguez, purchased drugs at Puerto Vallarta with out a recipe, proof is the first time he abused from me, as in he hit me, in Nayarit, I did told my friends, they worried, but he isolated me, took my cellphones and talked with that people, he started drugging me with force, Carlos Ocker in there in the toqns of Sayulita and San Pancho did that, and with lies took me to Guadalajara where we visited his family who allowed him to drug me, He then let me in a rehab place, where no one interview me, his father just signed in, he is a public server for IMSs, and got advatange of his connections, but the police in Guadalajara realized something was wrong and sufdenly stop him and they actually saw all the pulls with out a recipe, he was providing to me, my credit cards from USA he was using, and all my  elongings, he told them "the situation" but the pilice sid further investigation as clearly he was doing something wrong, He then called a Vallarta Psychiatrist whom traveled to put him out of jail, as is a felony to carry pills with no recipe, the weird thing, that Vallarta psychiatrist did not "worry" about me, he was friends of him, as only one who trust a lot in a man that hits a woman will be so concious of the act of allowing him out of jail even if he has abused physically from his partner drugging her in this case doing that to me, andusing my money to still be, as he did not work at all.

Years wenet through and I think I started "being" sonpositive about him waiting for someone to pick his attention with the things I will say about him and take him from my side, as he did not want to leave me, alone, he did not could not see me happy with someone else and thrive in etsy or in my business all he wanted was my money and making me feel stupid as an independent woman this is just weird.

Many people talking about the copy cats zero creativity sellers started abusing from me, (they abused before, intimidating bullying me online, which I have proof, and He, Carlos Hocker did not allowed Me -Aida- to stand up by my self, he said oh no! Your business image, you see Ll he wanted was to have a comfy life, with no stress whatsoever for him nor his "marketer friends" all that people, all those involvex whetr witnesses, and me? i was just a fucking tourist in nayarit, I happened to be there, working with people there, inspiring the world, and they thought the Internet was so far they could copycat authentic original mexican designs, because I was not doing anything because I was under control.

Well time speaks for itself, now what? i am far and continue my work and you continue copying and looking into the face of the one who laughed about my work, and the ones who bullied me, and those who mocked my work, people from other countries! With higher education degrees getting advatnge of a Mexican, me of course and ger designs? and that makes you a "great human" well i prefer to live over the mountains close to legallity and pride my self I have never ever copied you or seen you with the hate you saw me.

So next time you get on my way, be careful, I do not take revenge, is life and karma what gets on you,
At the end you get the tribe you deserve, and the people around that guy, who claps applauds his behavior, how wrong and sick you can be?

So from now on, take this into account, for everytime you used one of my images, for everytime you stole from me, for everytime you intended to make me feel "stalked" learn you just make Me, Aida, stronger, wiser and a hard core believer in the good because, in my shop and around me I normally have good people, and those still around who insist in me "getting to know their new businesses" 10 years later I tell you, I have been there, And I am not a chicken anymore.

And friends? Those are counted with my fingers, and I call friend a sincerr smile and good laugh, even if it is ocasionally.

This happened to me,
Kate del Castillo, as a therapist told me, to tell you, Carolina was her name but she was dirty expensive like 3000 the hour, and did not put Carlos out and keep hearing him, and I needed him out of there to express my self about what happened, so I did not return, I am sorry, but if you happend to find out this I did got into a huge situation and it was very hard to come off.

About my life,
That life full of Love I fight for.
Aida Salinovich C

Aida Coronado
A business that got very personal.

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