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Galeria Mexico
Collection I

In her etsy store Aida Coronado presents her stunning Galeria Mexico collection I , the designs in Coronado´s collection are handmade, upcycled or handpicked by her.

They breathe new life, this is what hippie and bohemian life is all about in her collection: “breathing your new life”. An unique, laid back, fashionable, gorgeous and stunning life.

This unique collection is based on handcrafted details from a vintage hippie bohemian life style. You would notice the handcrafted feminine details, beautiful full of tradition and culture Mexican embroidery and bright colors in every piece of Coronado´s collection, surely would make your inner flower child to fall in love.

Aida Coronado collection is inspired by you trendy girl, surfer gal, bohemian woman and hippie chicks.

This collections is dedicated to:

Those who share a feminine perspective.

Those who like natural fabrics.

Those who are earth friendly and enjoy every chance to help the environment.

Is For those who believe in themselves.

Those who are aware of the world.

For those who believe in everybody.

Those who believe in fair trade.

Those who have a good vibe and a good spirit.

Those who love to breathe a new life.

Those who believe in FREE LOVE.

For you, with love:

Aida Coronado

Galeria Mexico Collection I

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