The little Mexican black dress:

Mexican influence in Fashion industry:

Landscapes, legends and bright colors that Mexican craftsmen use in the elaboration of their textiles have inspired International Designers (recognized prestige), who present or display in their articles well-known Mexican influences; musa of musas, Frida Kahlo, has inspired, dressed and materialized embroiders and embroiderings like the colorful Oaxaca, Chiapas, Guerrero, Puebla… Frida, we know it, did not make another thing than to revalue the traditional Mexican clothing. Today this one reaches important sites.

The skirts with their majestic holanes, the blouses that show a shoulder in a flirty and femenine way, the feminine styles of the native suits are picked up in beautiful designs or collection of the great capitals of the fashion.

Arming to Mafud, recognized Mexican designer, it has walked by the international footbridges beautiful dresses in which it rescues cultural elements and it shapes drawings of archaeological zones, flowers and landscapes.

The interest by the Mexican textiles, embroiderings and designs has influenced the new world-wide tendencies of the fashion. One does not take shape of the dress; today the Mexican crafts are very valued, the same the ceramics that the furniture made with precious wood of our forests. It goes, until the tequila she is one of asked for drinks more and enjoys ample prestige in Europe!

Today international models are wearing braids with bows in similar colors to which women in Mexico use; also dresses at night with skirts of great flights, many of them with tehuanas flowers. The stunning embroiderings, true work of art, is now added to the suits of high seam. The ironworks and sets of buttons, that clearly identify our beloved charrerĂ­a, adorn many of the articles that exhibit haute couture. The pashminas and sashs, so in fashion right now, are not another thing that small pieces of beauty.
And today we can have wear one of those lovely rebozos that the Mexicans Divas weared gracefully in another era. The world-wide revaloration of ours in the field of the fashion is without a doubt another reason to feel proudly Mexican.

Aida Coronado
Galeria Mexico
Collection I

Coronado´s collection is 100% Mexican, eco-friendly, unique embroidered, fashionable, 100% ethnic, please buy 100% mexican art and fashion! every piece is handmade with love.

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