Fridas Closet, a little of everything

El Ropero de Frida


When Dolores Olmedo passed away, closet and drawers where open at "Casa Azul" in Coyoacan, Frida´s closet has been locked for 50 years.
In the restroom, the bathtub, in a little closet, in boxes and baskets, they found clothes and personal accesories from Frida Kahlo.
The pictures from Frida Kahlo Clothes Closet belong to Graciela Iturbide.

Martha Turok and Teresa del Conde, are specialists of Frida Kahlo life and work.
They analized Frida´s Personal closet on the book "El ropero de Frida", this book includes pictures of Graciela Iturbide.

In "Los looks de Frida Kahlo" This is a book from Teresa del Conde, all the garment from Frida Kahlo is described precisely.

"Los ajuares de Frida. Eclectisismo y etnicidad" Martha Turok, is the author, share with us what was most impresive for her: " a pair of raw silk little boots, where you can read a embroidered legend "From Pita y Olga, para Frida". Among 10 hospital robes we found.

Martha Turok explained, Frida was eclectic within the Ethnic, "For me the essence of Frida is in the painting "Las dos Fridas" because in her wardrobe, we find amazing occidental fashion pieces and amazing Huipiles and Indigenous garment.

"Frida is not just tehuana o from the Istmo, she is from eleven different ethnic groups from Mexico and Guatemala"
mazateca, mixteca, zapoteca, otomí, nahua, purépecha, mame...

Let´s say there is a little of everything”.


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