A gift from my sisters Chary and Biank!

This beautiful drawing was made by my middle sister Chary (Maria Salinovich) a few years ago while visiting from Sonora,  in Sayulita, I had saved it a long time. Maria is a very talented artist and loves fashion design,  Chary is Always working hard, is very succesful in her Marketing career and she is an amazing bussines woman. She managed all affairs at EconĂ³micos de Imparcial back in Hermosillo, Sonora, right now she works on #S, I admire her very much! 

"Estrellita" is a picture of my small sister Bianca and her friends in Lovely Bahia de Kino, Sonora. she is very intelligent and organized, she enjoys long Beach walks, she is a talented photographer, and enjoys helping others!

las amo hermanitas! mucho mucho mucho!
Love you Maria and Bianca!

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