Start Traveling with your clothes Mexican Huipil Tehuana

Embroidered Mexican Huipil Blouse Tehuana from Istmo de Tehuantepec

This is a amazing and the most femenine of all clothes from Mesoamerica, The Huipil.

This Tehuana Huipil is made out of a brown silk, the cut of the pieces is pretty and simple.
However, this contrasts with the absolute love and dedication of tons of stitches,
they can be hand embroidered or hand-machine embroidered.

Each huipil is totally unique, you can see through theembroidery work a whole life, a story from a ethnic group, history from a tradition a message from a culture.

We do not upcycle the huipiles, we want to show them as a fashion garment as they are,

This are vintage huipils and they are sold as they are. they are in a perfect vintage condition.

Each is unique, do not miss it!!

Aida Coronado
Galeria Mexico
Collection I


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