Tehuantepec Mexican Satin Huipil Blouse Embroidered

A Huipil is a beautiful traditional Mexican blouse from Tehuantepec with a Magic story, probably the oldest of all traditional garments of Mesoamerica.

This GORGEOUS blouse is embroidered on a base fabric of deep Burgundy satin. This top measures 22" across the shoulders, and 20" from the neckline to the bottom edges when this is folded.

This huipil can easily be unstitched if desired, adding approximately 3/4" on each side for a total of 1 1/2" wider than measured.

An authentic huipil from Mexico is very beautiful with an embroidered pattern throughout. A combination between classic golds, with stunning flowers. The pattern is on both sides. The blouse is lined with a simple but so Mexican cotton fabric. The photos really show how beautiful this Mexican collection piece is.

This Huipil comes from Aida Coronado private collection.

It is stunning, colors and patterns that represent a wonderful story from the lady who did the embroidery, it is a way to preserve her culture and traditions and her community in Tehuantepec.

It is in mint condition, no sign of wear.

They have been stored for a looong time I found them thanks to a very good friend, this hupil is an original Mexican vintage blouse, they are not a mass produced item for the tourist trade.

Please let me know if you would like to know more about the Huipiles magical stories!

Read from you soon!

Aida Coronado

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