VIva Mexico!!!!!!

September 16 Mexican Independence day

In Mexico, we celebrate our Independence during two days, the 15th at midnight when The Presidente "Da el Grito"  September 16th. We call this event nuestras Fiestas Patrias, Patria meaning country or more than a country a BIG WIDE United Nation.

September 16th celebrationa are normally on the main square of every town or city in Mexico.

This year I am in Sayulita, Nayarit

I feel our celebrations is a way to keep us united, our National celebrations are part of our culture and our history.

If you are in Mexico, you would notice that we celebrate this big "fiesta" in little towns and big cities as well, the difference between them, remains in the games and the way they present them and the food! the food is very different from town to town, they have chivichangas or chimichangas in Hermosillo, Sonora, the city I was born in, mmm yummi flour tortillas, excellent Carne Asada.

Ok, then this day September 16 2008, we celebrate our INDEPENCE, we scream like crazy people in the streets: a todo pulmon: "VIVA MEXICO", we laugh, dress up with our best Mexican dresses or fancy mexican clothes, kids have fun in the parade, we buy flags, sombreros, we eat (tacos, tostadas, pozole, tamales), say hello to strangers and curios people taking pictures.

I think we have in our minds what are we celebrating, the past revolution, Padre Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, the Bells, but one thing in the Mexican way of living is we are in the PRESENT, we enjoy that day because is a special day, where we can see our Big Mexican family united at least for this reason.

Mexican Independence is a "fiesta" for everybody, we love our roots and we also love sharing them and inviting more people to this party, and guess! we have more coming!!!
November 1-2 we celebrate our little angels and the day of the dead, my Mom says:
"November 1 is the day of all little angels(children) that passed away"
and Novemeber 2 for our family is not a party day, we celebrate, but she didn´t like to go out this day, because is a "very special date, this day all the spirits are going home" and we do not have to interrupt them.

This November 2 is the first year I will be celebrating with my Dad (que en paz descanse/rest in peace).
And I am very excited, my friends and I want to build an altar, a BIG one to celebrate our beloved ones.
I am going to do and ofrenda with the food he loved the most! food?? candies! He loved everything with sugar on it and he never had blood or sugar issues, M&M´s, Anis candies, jamoncillo, rollo de guayaba, Zucaritas cereal and more! I will light candles and will love to have some flowers for him.
The tradition says all spirits visit earth this day and go to their homes and "eat" the ofrendas and "hang out" with the family for the night.

We have a funny way of celebrating "the day of the dead" here in Mexico, and I love it, this is a really special day that you dedicate to think on them, to show (in certain way) them they are always in your thougths and prayers, they already knew that! but we are Mexican and we LOVE BIG "FIESTAS"!!! and WE LOVE "the day of the dead"

I would love to read from you!

Aida Coronado
"The house and heart of the Mexican embroidered dress"

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