What do we do?

In Aida Coronado collection designs are all about a bohemian, chic and creative life.
An unique, laid back, fashionable, gorgeous and stunning life.

We cut, sew and buy thinking of uniqueness, quality and love for the piece and for the future owner.

Uniqueness, every piece you may find in our store, is unique in shape, color, texture.
Unique like a human being.
We want you to look beautiful for who you are, not for what you wear, our clothes encourage your natural beauty, a walk to the park, a road trip to the ocean.
They are fun clothes, to actually wear everyday or to save and prepare for that special party.
We want to have clothes for all year long, layering clothes to use and use and not to forget about.

Quality, we want to show this quality from Mexico, we have magnificent treasures, and they are just waiting to be shared, all the pieces showed at Aida Coronado are gallery pieces.
We like to take care of small details, not just take care of a name or a brand.

We want to share and spread our love from Mexico through our authentic textiles, art and color.

We started and we want to do this to keep our traditions alive, to work with people, to give more work to people, to learn how to help each other, to help others, and to keep our vanishing traditions alive, doing what we love.

We belive once you find us you already know and love our Mexican Culture and you know what are we are talking about.

We love that you are here, and would love to read from you!

Aida Coronado

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