Mexican Huipil "A Celebration"

The Mexican Huipil a Celebration To Share

This are two beautiful videos full of happiness and "alegria", in the first one you can see a representation from a Mexican Tehuantepec wedding, and in the second one you will find a video from you tube that shows how the people of the United States and Mexico and Latin America are woven together. They are Different videos with the same intention celebrate the beauty, the love and the grace of Humans and celebrate OUR World, A world full of Grace and people who can see it in each other.

Tehuantepec Wedding Celebration A representation:

The Smithsonian Latino Center, in partnership with the Mexican Cultural Institute, has just opened a brand new exhibit on huipiles, the embroidered garments hand-woven with back-strop looms in the Mayan tradition.
Huipiles: A Celebration, which documents many ways women in the United States wear the garments today:

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