Happy Birthday Vigencita de Guadalupe!

Nuestra Virgen de Guadalupe
Our lady of Guadalupe"¿Kanin ye nika, kanin ye ninotta ¿Kuix ye onkan in kitoteuake ueuetke tachtouan tokokoluan, in xochitlalpan in tonakatlalpan, kuix ye onkan in iluikatlalpan "
(Extract from Nican Mopohua)
"Dec. 12. Our Lady then told Juan Diego to climb the hill where only cactuses, thistles and thornbrush grew. Juan Diego had never seen a flower there. But when he reached the top, it was covered with beautiful Castillian roses, wet with dew and of exquisite fragrance.
After Juan Diego had gathered the roses, he took them to Our Lady who arranged them with her own hands in his tilma and tied a knot behind his neck to hold the roses in place. Then Our Lady said:"This is the sign that you must take to the Lord Bishop … In my name tell him that with this he will see and recognize my will and that he must do what I ask … he will see that the church is built for which I ask."
(brief extract from the story of our Lady of Guadalupe)
Beam of me an instrument of your peace:

where there is hatred, I put love;
where there is badly, I put pardon;
where there is discord, I put harmony;
where there is error, I put truth;
where there is doubt, I put faith;
where there is desperation, I put hope;
where there are shades, I put light;
where there is sadness, I put joy.
Sir, who does not pawn so much to me
in being consoled like in consoling,
in being included/understood like in including/understanding;
in being loved like in loving.
Because one is forgetting to itself is;
he is pardoning as one has been forgiven;
he is dying like one wide-awake one to the eternal life.

(San Francisco de Asís)
Peace for Mexico and the World, fill all our hearths with love Madre mia.

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