I am going to Fiji or Fiji is back!

So, I may had a writers block that last a couple of years, after a long time of sitting, waiting, calming, relaxing and thinking reading and writing,

I realized it was me who block my desire to write all this time, I start remembering and picking the good things about me, I realize that I didn't need any doctors to tell me if I am sane enough to socialize or to depend on someone, I find out I was here because of me, that I as living half of my Fiji dream, I forgot my dreams, I left my spirit with my questions and doubts about
the past, asking my self all day if what I did was right?
I was living responsabilizing myself for things I wasn't even aware about, I thought for many years I was a bad person and didn't realize I was not part of that movie anymore.
It wasn't all my fault, I did the best I could at that point and nothing else can be done.

I didn't realize all my dreams where arriving to me, and I wasn't aware I was living already in Fiji and dreaming with love in my life and the love of my life.
And I didn't realize that love was the only thing I have, and I have to give it!!

There where moments of sadness, tears, angryness, and yes, of course my many many questions, about
why? but this and my irony and esceptisiscim helped me realize I was in my own path, I was already living my dream,
the point was I do not have to care about what others think about me, my dream , my toughts, my opinions, and oh yes, I do have a voice!

I forgot my dream about been a writer, helping the world, spreading love, helping others with the things life have showed to me, I forgot I used to see life as my forever journey.
I forgot how many days I prayed for a true love, for respect and honesty, and the Universe gave me an answer and I was not complety there to receive all the blessings, I was totally wasting my life in the past, feeling for a movie that wasnt there anymore!!

I have dreamed on been a writer, sharing what I have learned in my whole experience of life, things I have seen, experienced, lived, and with this knowledge life had provided with help other woman and man who where struggling in things I was able to help with.

I have discovered that, oooh yes like I said, we are all special, we are here and we where there for a reason. What reason, please do not ask... it is kind off complicated, but I am sure it is going to be great for everybody.

I have discovered in many ways that anger, is not the way of resolving.
I have discovered that love is the answer.
I have discovered how to energy works and well, yes we are all linked to a higher counsiousness and we got a higher counsiosness, and sooner or later we will realize many things to show this part of ourselves in our daily lives, but we have to see with eyes of love and clean and clean well, we have to see deep in our selves and of course we have to let go what is not working anymore.

I have my old and new theories about life, love, sex, friends, money, and they match in this, my reality and my dream.

I got experiences like everybody, like you, and I want to share, because maybe when you read me, you will also realize what I did realize with out bouncing here and there,
you will realize and hear that inner voice, that is already telling you: all the answers are inside of you.
I kept hearing this voice and at the same time listening to others, but life put me in a break point and here is when I had to give up and hear my voice.

I thank my family, my husband and my friends, all the people and the knowledge that is around me who support me in my dream.

I thank love for been here always and help me always to realize my own power and will.

I love you, please forgive, I am sorry and thank you.

A Little Butterfly who flew out of the garden
Enero 2010

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