New Year thoughts...

This 2009 brought a lot of changes to my life, and I embrace and appreciate every single one, thank you for being part of this,
at the beginning changes are a little harsh, I can bet to everybody, but when time passes we see the Universe is perfect and God is good to us, he want us to met our higher self and to commit to be our best always.

I said good bye to a lot of baggage I was carrying, I learned I can not worry about things or situations with people that happened years ago, because this was keeping me for living fully in this day.
I understood I did the best I could, and every time I had to give my heart without fear to be hurt.
God knows his mysterious ways...

In my life I learned not to care about what other people says about me, but I cared about everyone that have touched me.

I learned my community is not only the people who is close to me and choose to be part of it, my community is all the people that has touched my soul and will be in my life for a reason or a season, because at the end we all will met again.

And I wish always to tell you my happy stories instead of the sad ones, but sometimes you have to express what you feel and share this with someone who will understand you and help you get out of that mud, not with someone who will put you even deeper in that mud.

I also understood sometimes you have to say or scream the things that hurt you, in order to let them go,
I use to say this were my things and nobody else needed to deal with them, but "the stars and the universe" had another plan for me, and now I can see my life in a different way, I have always saw the happy part of it and forgive and forget, but I didn't knew where to put all the "acts or words" that have done some harm to my person and heart, and now I can tell you I see this from the happy side but I do not try to understand the people who did it, I believe they where all Gurus in my life.

I learned I am strong, and I am able to give everything to a loved one, and receive, maybe not the same, but receive it with joy.
I understood I have to let go, as a slow breath, not throw away.

I learned we are all a mirrors "reflects" of everybody, we see in all people ourselves, we proyect in them, but there is a tiny line, that can confuse us with them, and we have to be aware of this.

They show me how to defend myself and how to speak for myself and say no, and tell someone when he or she is hurting me, and not to swallow this until I can not stand it anymore.

I believe we are all here for a reason and we touch our lives for ever,
We are part of everybody and every little thing.

This are just some new year thoughts, for you, for me, and for life...

Peace from the bottom of my heart to all,
With Love from Mexico
Aida Coronado

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