We all have a Juan in our life

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A little butterfly flew into the garden, When de repent, she azot, ajijo she said, What stupid I am, when I flew into the garden, I forgot to open "My alitas".

This is a "tale" Jhon Juan Salinovich Coronado, Would tell me and make repeat every time he visited us back in Hermosillo, Sonora.
I am not sure where this tale comes from, why Or where he learned it. (Do you?)
He told me several more. (And was quite special about accent and verbs, I am not Still sure I got them all, so excuse any grammar/typos).

Juan Loved visiting USA, specially Tucson, (all Arizona) and Las Vegas, once He traveled to Croacia, Rome, Paris, all Europe, With his forever loved One, perhaps twice, he was a true Romantic Bohemian Man.

He was Always telling me how important english was, I would Laugh, until I was in the need to find the "restroom" At a huge mall, as an example. 

He Always asked me what I wanted to be  as what career I would select, I said Always without hesitate on, I want to be a lawyer. 
He would smile, and after asking me what Kind of lawyer I wanted to be, He would smile again and tell me We already have a lawyer that Will take care Of Our family, I will reply I know, but I want to take care of My Dad.

After cursing for a while, ( Yes We used bad words "in english", I was little and he enjoyed making my Dad angry).
He would get very Serious, and proposse me to be a doctor, which was great, as I would be able to research new medicine, as he did, and take care of all too, specially him, but LIFE took me to a different direction.

Later in LIFE I applied to become a doctor, but all I wanted was to attend the Agriculture school, (it was so beautiful there). This was a big huge no no, I was a girl, and my father Jorge would not approve.

Juan was like the fun side Of my father Jorge, not as funnny as Miguel, but surely less proper than Mateo. (They where brothers)

He loved road trips, but in one, There was an accident, he got into a major car accident in the road to phoenix, the driver  behind him was driving a trailer had a heart attack and crashed Jhons pick up. Doctors in the EUA said he was very Lucky to be alive, he was into very harsh drugs and medication for long time, which developed a diabetes and depression later on his life. 
He Could not drive Long distances anymore.

I love you Jhon Salinovich, where ever you are, thanks for teaching me.

Take care!


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The Beautiful And Unique Images expressed in their artwork are always representing stories, legends of their mythology that organize every aspect of their world and lives. 

These arts are entirely unique to these people and this area of the world.

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