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In this previous years working online I had discovered many many things! some I can speak up and others I could not talk about.

Most of them are events I cherish with all my heart, one of them has been meeting a special guy.

I do not blog about him very often, but he is my friend and owner at AidaCoronado.Etsy.com, I do not think you can ask for something more beautiful than a true friendship, of course I would like to get married with him!, but it has been hard to rebuild my trust in Relationships. (And I did not want to be jinx?), how you are suppossed to said that?

I trust him and I wish him the most beautiful in this Life,  even if our destiny is not to build a "family" together.

He had his heart very torn too when we arrived into each others life, me too,  so, we got to be life companions, as you probably know, I mean, my heart was made tiny winy pieces, because I trusted someone who was not deserved to be trust in, a Mexican Cliche, another one, for a long time, I knew it, but did not had proofs, bla bla.

(I know I have problems hearing the "bad" (as "a positive girl") and was convinced I could "fix" something "make understand" "make them understand my point of view" we where not teenagers anymore but it was not possible so I ran).

Years went through and one day Carlos was telling me a history from his past and I suddenly realized that my attitude towards my ex changed the same day we picked up a guy from GDL that also told the same storie. (Very quite similar in a very similar environment) a story with very different perspectives).

I was astonished (all the people in the car was laughing, as the guy metioned did not know about the Cliche that was going on when he went and help his girl with the car) and it was my breakpoint, I was tired of unnecessary Drama and Unfaithful people, to be specific Liars, I knew he was saying lies, and that was it, I needed to get out that circle of people.

For me it was a "sign", (well "-another-)
I did not care about the party or social friends derived from that, cut with scissors and put around 30 hours in distance from some of them, I just got very serious about life and decided to let my hair "grow" and keep trusting my feelings. (And trust Me ) 

It was a period of days and specially nights where I could not stop thinking, "this is what is going on", this is what has been going on all the time!  And that is what I had been feeling.(for several years in my gut).

At the end I knew the truth, (with proof a long long story full of already known truth), he was hurting me as she was hurting him. Telling lies, and doing obvious things that just make you loose time and appear obnoxious.

I decided to stop it and regardless people calling me literally "stupid" from moving from north to center/south, and from south to norh,  I moved out from there, again. As I said FAR away mentally from that.

I did not met anyone else, I had been with him since the first day,  and I still feel the same love, even, we have been through very hardcore phases. (As I told you Seems Mexico is very small, as in "pueblo chico, infierno grande" but the "creative" circle is even smaller is so reduced you can count with your fingers if you are a copy, (as a writer) how many more like you exist down here. (as Most tend to live in other countries, as I did).

In Jalisco,  Nayarit we are "alone", or I am alone,  my family is far away, well I do not trust in his family yet, there was no reason to let the other girl in his life known where We where living at, what We where doing and of course phones where not provided to "everyone".

My Dad Jorge made my change my phone number to a Nayarit-Jalisco one.
So -no one- from Hermosillo, besides him, could had access to it/me, but the world is very very small, like I said, and as I like to still say:

"El destino, El universo y las Estrellas de Confabulan Para..."

"Destiny, Universe and stars get aligned and then..."

-and everything starts Making Click, click-

Here we are, again another year to go, I hope you can provide us with PAZ and RESPECT, to our work because this is our life.

It is full of Love, magic and incredible peace, I trust him with my gut, of course I get jelaous, he is very handsome.

And of course he gets mad because well, sometimes people think they can reach you out, years later when you already have a "special guy" in your life.

He is not looking after my Dads Heritage, like some others have,  At least one man is not looking into that in me or my life as in He has not interested in my money, personal values, he has seen me with short/long hair, fat, skinny, fit, he already knows my soul. 

And we are about to start a "new journey".

I think he is -the one- for me. 
Yes I still think so, we has the most beautiful of the voices and it is not just how He looks, is how I look at him.

And -for me- it started making click long time ago.

Never Land. 
Never Forget

What about you?

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