Aida Coronado

Through the years you probably noted, sometimes my shop is "closed". 
This is mainly due stress. 
I am a very committed and if you had work under pressure like me, for reliable companies and organizations,  
for more than 60 hours a week you will totally understand me. 
Due the nature and with the specifics of my work and if sometimes I am not able to be around, 
things do not work out as they should, they stop making click and people losses their incomes.

So I deeply appreciate if your requests are serious and you respect my shop policies as you do with any other shop online and in your towns or visits. (please no more buying for copies or copy cat friends, it is not worth it,  and at the end everybody notices it, I mean Etsy or Online Shopping equals inspiration, not hard copies, this affects persons, who do work and create, Independently actually).

This is what I have been up to all this years, besides plagiarisms and domestic violence, (photography plagiarism, or even from my designs, gossips, unfair "competition", violations to our trade dress, etc...) 

But I can not stop with you, see, I have a lot of important things to do and fulfill. 

I am giving my best to every customer, all my products come from the heart and I dislike when people talk behind as I talk directly, as a Sonorense, is in my blood. Do

 I failed to you? you know where to reach me, you think I copied you? Please do not say false statements to clean your reputation or act with "violence" with your "facebook friends" against me.

You think you knew it all?
I do not, I do not nothing at all, 
because if I do, then, what?

Please stop by shop policies, and do not forget, here you are dealing with a human, that works with humans, and prefer to avoid gossip and bad energies and vibes, why? 
because this is my version of Mexico.
A Reconstructed Mexico.

Here in Mexico, Mexicans are threated with the foot while tourist receive money to work, I will not forget I called for help to Emergency number 066 /Mexican "911" ? I was in shock after this accident, My truck was fixed by a local San Ignacio Nayarit guy (his girlfriend is a san pancho Nayarit local), which was "trust worthy", we needed to travel for a familiar Emergency to Guadalajara my siser Bianca got a psychotic incident, and , my truck left me and got "desvielado" "broke" after the huge curves, he put our life in risk and did not return $ or even fix it correctly. 

He broke my car, and he also broke my "cajuela" the day of the accident provoqued by Carlos Rodriguez Mercado, this felt on my legs "espinilla", I screamed, I remember the truck brakes, I thought he Carlos Hocker hit someone else, I was wearing a dress from rayon so I slipped into the hole in front of me "la cajuela", I do not know what happpened next, (I felt my dad legs supporting my head on his knees as I would travel sleeping from La Doce, la costa, to Hermosillo, Sonora sleeping in his truck, the same model as our paloma)

After that I could not move, I was paralized, I do not know what happened after, someone stopped by, Carlos started shouting at me, violently took me out of the car, I was hurt my dress was covered by blood, I thought I had my period, as this was very close, we passed a gas station with an OXXO on it, near to la Cruz de Huanacaxtle. 

We asked for help and the police guys laughed at us and left.  
(in the puerto Vallarta, Bahia de banderas Nayarit area), 
I dialed 066 for help she laughed and hung up. 
(066 is like 911
 and when I had an accident in the United States of America I dialed and THE 911 did help me in the USA, even I was a Mexican).

My legs are protected, the guy in OXXO used to study medicine or to be a nurse, he understood I was in shock, and he made me understand if my knee was stitched I will probably not be able to do Yoga, "strech my knee", what is your blood type? What do you do? He even call my family, but most important we cured my opened wound, with material from there, He, an employe for Oxxo provided me with medical attention, they helped me with the tea,  and understood I was totally in shock, and they transmit me peace.
CarlosHocker or Carlos Alejandro Rodriguez Mercado did not take me to cruz roja or a private hospital.

I healed my wound with Tepezcohuite, he said the guy at oxxo, a hole was probable but I know about tepezcohuite and how to use it from my skater days.

I will not forget this corrupt police, or this violent guy crazy eyes, and I have videos to prove what I say.

I will not forget the gossip and I will not excuse you.
Until you realize and undo the harm you had started.

I fight for love, 
To send Love from Mexico

where do you live at?

Los Bravos Del Norte 
Andan diciendo que soy perdido 
no soy cumplido con mi deber 
nada me importa lo que critiquen 
yo seguiré con mi proceder... 

Yo nunca he dicho que soy un ángel 
porque comprendo que no es así 
toda esa gente que sabe tanto 
cuide lo suyo y déjenme a mi... 

Gente embustera 
levanta falsos 
nomas pa’ tener que platicar 
pero algún día todo se paga 
y de esas cosas se han de acordar... 


Yo soy muy libre viviendo en Texas 
por mis quereres voy a brindar 
porque me gustan dos tres mujeres 
y si es posible dos o tres mas 

Gente embustera 
levanta falsos 
nomas pa’ tener que platicar 
pero algún día todo se paga 
y de esas cosas se han de acordar...

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