A Eclipse Day

Today the earth in some places will be dark,
The sun will be covered almost totally by the moon,

Is a day of change, in the rotation (traslation?) in the solar system,
Maybe you will see it and maybe you have seen it before,
I had, in a kinder garten, and at a very early stage in my life;

There was a partial solar eclipse happening, they prepared us, for weeks,
 to see it, And we will use glasses, I remember joking with my best friend from
Childhood Guadalupe Teran ;) to be seeing "the Sun", we where very young,
We where very "dared devils" and we will dare one another to see it with no glasses or
Protection, I do not remember if we did or not, but days after the Eclipse,
We will stare to the sun, or try to do it so, sometimes and because
We where curios, and ask around if looking at the sun was possible,
 we where told that in the early morning that was possible,
As the sun will not burn our eyes.

Knowadays this practice,
is called "sun gazing" and there is actually people whom
Eat or said they get their vital nutrients from the sun, standing barefoot
In the earth land.

What will you do today?
I will be packaging your pieces,
And maybe reading a bit, and lately I have been interested in writing, again.

Writing as in Journalism, or just for "the heck of it",
This, is  lt new? Or well, it is common for me,
I love to express through words, images, work, people, this
Has been a passion of mine since I am
Around 10 years old, at 13 I will swear to others, I was writing poetry,
But someone, (a teacher) will say poetry is just writen in "rhymes"
And with "certain statements".
For me poetry was talking about love or sentiments.

I was even the producer and writer at some school plays,
That won the first place as they where a bit funny but had a lot of meaning,
And sometimes did not won but received many compliments and inspired others,
I will touch themes such as "bullying" "body shame", when this terms did  lt even exists,
In my teenage years.

For some of you,  this part of me, will be something you already knew about me,
So you will say, yes That, is Aida.

My passion for the communication areas, reading, investigation, photography,
Literature and all that involved.

I did not graduate from an University, yet,
But I did finish my last work Tesina, or Thesis, and started getting it together
And present this to several teachers, or my mentors.

In 2014 I wanted to go back to Hermosillo Sonora and graduate,
With that, with my Thesis, I had 3 huge books (valued in not cheap 1500pesos in printing services each).
They where at my late fathers house, where my sisters lived along my mother.

I communicated my desire of doing so, getting my degree, and needed this work,
Not in order to get a job in the goverment, but to continue studying,
And maybe, one day, with luck and commitment become a teacher.

Maybe at a kinder or Maybe at the University,
My sisters did not care at all, and they just said, they are not here,
They where Huge Books they could not had been lost just like that.
I asked to please look for them, I really wanted to go, and they just said,
"Get over it".

When I went there in 2015, none of the books (my final work for that University degree)
where there.
My school books where in the same place I left them, All of them, from the one I saved from
The preparatoria, from Profesor Jaudiel Acosta (rip), I saved it, because
He told me one day it will be useful, (and if not "it will be part of a lovely
Library I could have), I saved and later in the Universidad, At Historia Regional
It was helpful (a lot, as I did not make my Dad spend again).
All the compendios where there organized as I left them. (Compendios are copies of books that teachers use at la Universidad de Sonora as a way to "make points of importance regarding books we will later use and consult at the biblioteca)".
They where organized by semesters.

I made it to credits for 7/8semester but got stuck
In "cine", because I was working. As in very getting serious with businesess.

I repeated classes and got bored, and well, there my tesina
Did not help as I had to comply with travels, or schedules for absent teachers
(As they did not attend class).

I did al things "the homework was sent and marked as read".
But I got a 0 in cine, as I did not attend.

But the reality was other.

I loved communication, but not to get into very social groups,
I used the knowledge to pursue my own dreams.

I went to Hermosillo, and the printed books where stolen,
Along with some "love" things I used to write about,
And other personal "things I wrote".

All the other materials where intact.

And I found out a cd, with my tesis information in the very back
Of my Dads drawer, on his side of the bed.

That is how I recovered

My final work at la university of Sonora, a state school.

Do I wish to graduate?
Maybe to continue learning
But maybe is better to continue with my pursuit,
And looking up to people who continue teaching,
Even with a post on facebook,
I am a believer That is the next step in Education,
And That facebook as a social network, more than
Just a social place, is and will later become in a platform with
Actua Tools
That will enable teachers with vocation, to provide us, what is called
Continusly Education, in a FreeLance way.

As a way for them to make an income from their knowledge,
Just like blogger is, when you decide to monetize with it.

I believe Social Platforms next step, is to create
More that entertaining, educational tools to enable
The world habitants and users to educate themselves about
Themes they are interested in.

Because closing the internet or "what is so called" restricting  etworks,
Is like adding borders to google, is like saying, google will not include altavista knowledge,
Or yahoo will not include google. (That is a methapor).

Or like instead of continued fighting against democracy pr republic,
One day we decide to unite our efforts in the well being pf humanity,
And that way, we monetize humanity, and the world,
In a way that education terminates, as in aniquilates poberty.

And we live and love in a world where no one feels hunger.
And No one goes with out support.

I mean, facebook works for that, to have a world,
A better united world.

Google is knowledge at your finger tips.

Wikipedia, is becoming Brittanica or Hispanica, or the Encarta.

We left Q basic, ICQ, MSN, to open our brains to complex DOS, and systems.

I am sitting behind a computer since I am 5, trying to understand it,
How it worked, how the parts worked, what where disks for 5/4, 3 1/2,
Cd, mp3, usb.

Knowadays our phones became little computers,
And is up to us what we put in pur brains,
What about our social networks have tools to communicate
With others, in several languages. In one place that integrates all.

Maybe is already happening knowadays.
Maybe is called the Internet Life.
And is up to us it continues free,
And without restrictions,
One day of Eclipse.

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