Love is passed across the generations

Mexican Blouse cross stitch magic Peyote flowers, unique cultural and ethnic Folk symbolism

Genuine Mexican Folk Art

Embroidery remains the principal decoration and work on many small rural regions in the country of Mexico, Mexican women’s every day clothing is full of traditional symbolism, and many Mexican woman started learning this Embroidery Art. Nowadays in a growing and fast developing world Aida Coronado, like other people and organizations around the world(Brasil, Singapore, Australia, USA, Rusia, China, Mexico...) We support, and love to encourage the creation of exquisitely genuine handcrafted pieces made of with love, tradition and ancient magic vintage techniques, they are unique Mexican embroidered ethnic clothes, they are wonderful Wearable pieces of Art, museum quality pieces, and we can continue wearing them making them a source of great pride for Mexican Indigenous Women.
They are wonderful pieces of heirloom and heritage of a culture, we want to bring our traditions to this new developing world, we would like to apprecciate them everyday for a long time, not just when we have the opportunity and see a few pieces in a museum.
If you love ethnic, hippie, bohemian, organic and fair trade pieces, I am sure you will find something you will love within my collection.
Love is passed across the generations also through our culture, clothing and lifestyle.
Love from Mexico, Aida Coronado


Mexican embroidered dress

Beautiful 1960's -70's Ethnic style
Handmade Mexican embroidered Dress
Nowadays woman are wearing detailed traditional embroidered dresses dress, they are really femenine, unique and lady’s like shift dresses, they look beautiful with your favorite Huichol beaded or ethnic necklaces and the handcrafted floral embroidery on this dresses is small and detailed. These will be a valuable addition to any vintage, ethnic, hippie chic, full of freedom wardrobe!