Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mexican Wedding Dress

Esperanza Bohemian Mexican Wedding Dress

"It will be great for a hosting a Fiesta Wedding or a very special Celebration indoors at a elegant place or outdoors in nature, your friends will be jelaous in a nice way, of course, asking you where did you get it and how come you look so gorgeous, just like a piece of art out of its frame."

Esperanza Mexican Wedding Dress from Aida Coronado collection is a Mexican Fiesta Wedding Dress handmade and hand embroidered just for you, it has been designed to make you feel strong, gorgeous and feminine at the same time elegant and proud of this Mexican Dress and its ethnic roots.

It is a form fitting dress and will accentuate your natural curves, the Esperanza Mexican dress will fit you perfectly as the design and pattern will adapt to your body.

with love from Mexico
Aida Coronado

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Inspired by La Pintada Canyon, 60km from Hermosillo Sonora a forgotten archaeological treasure,[2] is an important archaeological zone of its kind in the state of Sonora. It offers visitors a glimpse of the ancestral cultural legacy as well as an extraordinary natural view of its flora, fauna and its orography. *wikipedia

Mexican Bikini in Los Angeles!

From time to time I get the question about stores in the USA.
We are very happy to share with You, Now you can find and see a couple of Mexican Hand Embroidered Bikinis (if you are a Lucky gal and live in LA) at Amanda Mills Shop in Los Angeles, California.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Dias de Primavera

In Mexico Spring Days begin after the Flags Day and Miercoles de Ceniza, they are considered for some as the beginning of a cycle, a nature cycle, marketing cycle or life cycle, 
It is the "inicio de cuaresma" so for 40 days you attempt to do a "good version of you", and something good will arise.

You can either travel to pyramids all dressed in white to see shadows of snakes literally coming down to earth, or visit the amazing Cathedrals, in Mexico religion, folklore, traditions and vintage ancestral knowledge collides to form part of a
Multicultural region where sacred mets fantastic and magic tales no one will believe are told every day.

Spring days bring melancholy for the Holiday parties, but it is just the start point of a new year full of new wishes and toughs, I know people will normally go to the beach to relax some days, others will just do some staycation exercises to enjoy the sun later.

It is time to get your luggage ready to assist to festivals such as San Antonio Fiestas, Coachella, Burning Man, Vive Latino, LollaPaloza, or your prefered music festivals.
It is the Fariseos time, la danza del venado, music and art festivals, everyone getting ready for spring summer parties and weddings!

What ever your plan might be remember is about good vibes and enjoying the year as it fullest.

This are oldies but goodies :) white 
Mexican Dresses 
available at
Nature Lover Maxi Dress
Romantic Crochet Maxi Dress
Peace Lover Hand Embroidred Mexican Tunic 

Happy Spring Days!
Still Smells like Orange Blossom
Here at the Sun City!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Embroidered Dresses For February and all Year

This 2017 we need love around, 
every day you wake up, 
think is the best thing it will happen to you, 
now is the time we can do things for the rest of our life.

This February 14th is a special day, 
normally we celebrate with roses, buying presents, going out, I would change a bit and this year, I may try to make a homemade dinner for the loved one and wear one of our loved handmade clothing of course in red, but red is not only meant to be worn on Valentines day, Red, is a great color to attract, a Mexican Dress in red is a guaranteed eye catching piece and to our eyes is a pleasant, energizing color, as like any other color, it has effects on our mood, if you are feeling a bit down try to wear your favorite red clothing.

Red is The Love Color.

Embroidered Mexican Dress in Red for a night out, 
in case you do not want to cook and accept the fancy restaurant dinner invitation.

Ethnic Blouse from Oaxaca Cross Stitched Fine Blouse Short Mini Dress

Huichol Pendant Necklace Beaded Ethnic Jewelry


with love from Mexico


Life is to be Lived,
Learn about what you love 
to get to know all beautiful things in it. It is just a brief period of time, but this time is made and given 
to us to be extremely happy, or at least to try to be.

it is not difficult nor easy, to find your own reason, 
a reason, a passion to Live for 
and to achieve what you wish in this life, you live on.

I took a deep breath and stop to admire and 
look around and see what our work has achieved,
love from Mexico has traveled around this world, 
for 9 years now, the love I express through 
clothing has been part of people lives 
and hearts, I feel they are wearing our 
Mexican traditions with pride, 
making Mexico part of their days 
in their fiesta celebrations.
The only reason to keep 
the world united is 
Love and this is 
a reason we 
all share 
day by 

our senses, 
we all express our own life perspective,   
 my heart beats, 
keeps dreaming

thank you
with love from Mexico