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10 Bohemian Fashion tips

10 Bohemian Fashion Tips for NFR Feat. Frida Kahlo and Emmylou Harris

Megan Wilson

The free spirited attitude of the bohemian lifestyle is made evident in the fashion. Flowy fabrics that dance around the body, allowing freedom of movement is what distinguishes bohemian fashion from the rest. Painter Frida Kahlo and musician Emmylou Harris are two bohemians that we can look to for NFR fashion inspiration.
Incorporating hides, leathers, suedes, bone, antler, and other animal materials into your ensemble is a resourceful way to make your outfit feel earthy and carefree!

Nothing says “bohemian” more than the two f’s: flowy, and floral. If you’re looking for boho, go for a floral maxi skirt or dress.
Dark lace fabric is something we often see in bohemian inspired collections and pieces. Dark lace is appealing in women’s fashion because it’s an unexpected collaboration of delicate, feminine fabrics with deep, masculine colors. Forever 21 has tons of dark lace pieces, or try if you prefer vintage.
Extra lengthy fringe is one of those “dancing” fabrics I spoke of above. Bohemian fashion is often times inspired by art, and movement is art!
Peasant skirts are staple in many ethnic and tribal cultures, such as Frida’s indigenous Mexican culture, which was in large part where her style was derived. Ethnic pieces hold substantial amounts of significance, from the materials and fabrics used, to the patterns and techniques, and are usually always handcrafted. These pieces have a story, making them one of a kind. Try pairing a peasant skirt with a long sleeve top for NFR this year.
Midi and duster length kimonos and jackets are unconventional, and therefore, bohemian. Velvet burnout and silk are two of the coolest fabrics to look for when purchasing these pieces.
Try layering several loose-fitting articles such as kimonos, skirts, shawls, and tunics together, instead of going for heavy coats and jackets in the fall and winter. You’ll have more freedom of choice with your outfits this way, and you won’t get bored wearing the same coat all winter.
Braids, whether simple or intricate, are foolproof when it comes to boho styling. There’s endless ways to change your look with braids each and every single day. Start exploring Pinterest for ideas before heading out to NFR!
Floral halos and tiaras may be too much for some, but sticking a flower in a low sitting bun gets the same message across. By December, flowers will be way out of season, so how about adorning your hair with a flower shaped Navajo brooch, instead?

Another ethnic inspired bohemian necessity is anything with Mexican embroidery! An incredible Mexican boho designer to check out is Aida Coronado! She has several maxi skirts and dresses, as well as long sleeve blouses that would be good pieces to throw in your suitcase for NFR!

If you put any of our #RIDEInStyle fashion tips from the blog to your wardrobe, show us by tagging #RIDEInStyle in your captions on social media! We’d love to see you recreate some of these looks! In the meantime, check back next week for another #RIDEinstyle blog post!

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Aida Coronado Mexican Dress Luuk Magazine

Aida Coronado: il calore del Messico in un mini dress

Un raffinato tocco etnico, ricami fatti a mano e tonalità accese ci riportano con la mente, in questo freddo inverno, alle calde terre del Messico. Per chi ha la fortuna di partire per davvero alla volta di questo paradiso, non c’è niente di meglio che mettere in valigia un capo della tradizione. Si tratta del mexican mini-dress, che negli anni ha reinventato se stesso a passo di moda, fino a diventare un must. E questo è stato possibile anche grazie all’estro di designer locali, come Aida Coronado.
La stilista ha scelto di mettere la sua terra al centro di una collezione pensata per mamme e bambine, con richiami vintage e bohémien, oltre che dettagli gipsy. E allora largo alle tuniche con maniche a sbuffo di Baby Coronado, pensate per le più piccole. Il cotone leggero, in colori caldi, si veste di esclusivi ricami, provenienti dalla cultura messicana dagli anni Venti agli anni Settanta. E la tradizione ritorna nei classici Huipil, i più comuni capi indossati dalle donne indigene del sud del Paese. Qui reinterpretati in versione mini di satin, con motivi ispirati ai dipinti della conterranea Frida Kahlo. Una proposta moda energica e unica, che fa del calore del Messico la sua forza.
Martina D’Amelio

Mi piace


A Mexican dress is a Fiesta in Life Bohemian Art must continue

Y el Arte debe continuar... como dicen por ahi algunos artistas;

 In this Life, What I work with is #mexicanembroidery  and I do sell #finequality #mexicantextiles on the other hand what I #Design are #newmexicanpieces with #handmade #embroidery I do not "copy other designers work" and I do not reproduce #indigenousembroidery 

I photograph Indigenous embroidery and I post them online since a decade ago... a #mexicandress for me is a piece to love which means respect and appreciate centuries of tradition.

#Mexico is a country with many diversity in embroidery and in my shop there is a taste of my country, and the traditions that we have as well there is authentic #MexicanDesign from me and from authentic artists I admire, the embroiders and other creators for #oaxacadress or #mexicanblouses that are indeed #vintagemexicandress as Vintage made with techniques only a true bohemian soul will recognize.

The Mexican contemporary folk art styles I have been adding, along my creativity since years ago are also Mexican, because I am Mexican and if you confuse my design with traditional is an honor but notice is not for reproduce that will be a lack of respect for Mexico, 

please respect my work, and our work, give the credit if you use my photography or at least ask for permission, do not copy traditional styles to sell them in "mass produced" shops, to the "other" "cases" is up to you.

I still have "little people" around, those,  growing that -I- feel I want -still- to be an example for them... 

someone for them to admire because of her Integrity and Ethics.

 And customers  that I admire because they look as happy as they could be wearing a Mexican Dress, and of course My work is not done alone, and engineer does not work alone?

there is many people around, but at the end, someone will be "the face" for it. 
And that is me #aidacoronado (and yes the peacock photography is my business card And well I need to order more from moo which downloads it from my web or ) 😉😘💌 besos and happy holiday season!!! #mexicandresses #shipping

Bohemian Art must continue as Work is a Fiesta in Life,

How can you be bohemian with out being sensitive or actually caring about injustices?
And how can you love fiestas with out appreciating Life?

Love from Mexico

Aida Coronado

Instagram @AidaCoronado
Pinterest @AidaCoronado


Aida Coronado

If you love Mexican Dresses culture and tradition, and appreciate handmade quality pieces, then You Will Love Aida Coronado Unique Hand Embroidered ❤️

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