Mexican wedding dresses from Aida Coronado

Handmade Mexican Wedding Dresses, For destination weddings, Mexican themed weddings, casual weddings, hippie wedding, traditional Mexican weddings, well for all lovely weddings!
with Love from Mexico

Wedding Chest collection I
Vintage Mexican embroidered dresses
Vestidos de Boda Mexicanos
Happy valentines day! Feliz dia del amor y la amistad!
with love from Mexico,
Aida Coronado
Credit for last photo: Dana Wrigth


Gaelyn Woltz said...

Dresses 3 + 7 down from the top are my FAVORITES. I am so excited to see them posted again and I hope they will be restocked soon! I will keep checking till then : )

Stephanie Rose said...

I agree COMPLETELY with the comment above - the Frida maxi - I'm love struck!!

Stephanie Rose said...

also, I am showing your pictures and linking your blog on my blog - hopefully making aware to the world your beautiful designs. If you do not want me to, please let me know - I will take it down immediately.

Unknown said...

I love your work. Beautiful.

I'd love to talk about your blog on my website. You have an amazing collection. Please check out my blog

Pike said...

I write in my blog.
"These clothes are sooooooo beautiful
that I allmost cry when I look them ....

... I have looking wall paper in our bedroom like those paradise birds. Why that kind of have not!