Ideas to dress up your Mexican dress

Five great ideas to dress up your Mexican embroidered dress:

1.- You can add a vintage leather belt at your high waist, a wood beads bracelet and a circle hippie necklace to give your dress a bohemian flare, you can go to the movies, or a casual dinner with your friends.

2.- The beautiful Mexican off white dress, you can go anywhere with this dress, it an be wear in a hippie style wedding, one with colorful table cloths, papel picado all over the place, beautiful and traditional Mexican Folk details all around, the bride would be a hippie happy girl, no worries about itching or riping the wedding dress, you just need to add some gold details, or maybe a beautiful turquoise or jade handmade necklace, flower details "ala Frida style" in your hair, and I a I sure you will have the most amazing day of your life!

Also it can be as beautiful if wore by the friends of the bride, imagine 3 or 5 beautiful bridesmaid, with the same little white dress but all will add their own style, would love to see pictures of this with the white dresses or white beige or even pink!
And of course for little flower girls in silk or cotton, and handmade floral embroidery, would be a great addition to a Mexican wedding themed fiesta.

3.- Mmm the black embroidered dress, is fancy and hippie at the same time, I would love to wear it with a turban in my hair for that magical and whimsical look, add a long skirt to complement an elegant look, would look amazing on a late party with high heels and a Huichol bracelet with shiny peyote beads.

4.-If you like red but sometimes you think it would be too much, you can add one of your favorite lace or eyelet skirts to your beautiful red Mexican dress, an eyelet leather belt a simple high pony tail, a seeds handmade necklace to accentuate the neckline and embroidery of your dress, and give focus to your face also, and you are ready to go to a romantic dinner and walk with your boyfriend or husband to be, this beautiful Mexican red dress would also do an amazing cute baby doll or sleep wear.

5.- And finally five, this look would look amazing at the office, imagine putting a little of Mexican folk in the every day black, gray and white, you can be sure you will start a trend in there!
but the good thing about our Mexican dresses is that they are always different in color and embroidery, so you can wear yours whenever you want.

Add a Vintage wood necklace, you favorite sunglasses a sash in your hair, high waist black or white skinny pants, a vintage knitted black shrug and you are all set for a hippie happy working day!

Hope you like this ideas in how to style your Mexican dress, I would be blogging more in the next days!

With Love form Mexico
Aida Coronado

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New Year thoughts...

This 2009 brought a lot of changes to my life, and I embrace and appreciate every single one, thank you for being part of this,
at the beginning changes are a little harsh, I can bet to everybody, but when time passes we see the Universe is perfect and God is good to us, he want us to met our higher self and to commit to be our best always.

I said good bye to a lot of baggage I was carrying, I learned I can not worry about things or situations with people that happened years ago, because this was keeping me for living fully in this day.
I understood I did the best I could, and every time I had to give my heart without fear to be hurt.
God knows his mysterious ways...

In my life I learned not to care about what other people says about me, but I cared about everyone that have touched me.

I learned my community is not only the people who is close to me and choose to be part of it, my community is all the people that has touched my soul and will be in my life for a reason or a season, because at the end we all will met again.

And I wish always to tell you my happy stories instead of the sad ones, but sometimes you have to express what you feel and share this with someone who will understand you and help you get out of that mud, not with someone who will put you even deeper in that mud.

I also understood sometimes you have to say or scream the things that hurt you, in order to let them go,
I use to say this were my things and nobody else needed to deal with them, but "the stars and the universe" had another plan for me, and now I can see my life in a different way, I have always saw the happy part of it and forgive and forget, but I didn't knew where to put all the "acts or words" that have done some harm to my person and heart, and now I can tell you I see this from the happy side but I do not try to understand the people who did it, I believe they where all Gurus in my life.

I learned I am strong, and I am able to give everything to a loved one, and receive, maybe not the same, but receive it with joy.
I understood I have to let go, as a slow breath, not throw away.

I learned we are all a mirrors "reflects" of everybody, we see in all people ourselves, we proyect in them, but there is a tiny line, that can confuse us with them, and we have to be aware of this.

They show me how to defend myself and how to speak for myself and say no, and tell someone when he or she is hurting me, and not to swallow this until I can not stand it anymore.

I believe we are all here for a reason and we touch our lives for ever,
We are part of everybody and every little thing.

This are just some new year thoughts, for you, for me, and for life...

Peace from the bottom of my heart to all,
With Love from Mexico
Aida Coronado


Mexican dresses from Aida Coronado

The flower embroidered Mexican dress

Blue Flowers embroidered Mexico dress

White Peace colorful delicate floral embroidery cotton hippie dress

White and colorful hand embroidery bohemian mini dress

Old Gold Silk embroidery Mexican dress

Mexican embroidered dresses from Aida Coronado
A True hippie bohemian indie style, from day to night.
Romantic designs from Mexico with love.

Hermosos vestidos Mexicanos con delicado bordado en algodon y seda natural.


With love from Mexico,
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Happy Birthday Vigencita de Guadalupe!

Nuestra Virgen de Guadalupe
Our lady of Guadalupe"¿Kanin ye nika, kanin ye ninotta ¿Kuix ye onkan in kitoteuake ueuetke tachtouan tokokoluan, in xochitlalpan in tonakatlalpan, kuix ye onkan in iluikatlalpan "
(Extract from Nican Mopohua)
"Dec. 12. Our Lady then told Juan Diego to climb the hill where only cactuses, thistles and thornbrush grew. Juan Diego had never seen a flower there. But when he reached the top, it was covered with beautiful Castillian roses, wet with dew and of exquisite fragrance.
After Juan Diego had gathered the roses, he took them to Our Lady who arranged them with her own hands in his tilma and tied a knot behind his neck to hold the roses in place. Then Our Lady said:"This is the sign that you must take to the Lord Bishop … In my name tell him that with this he will see and recognize my will and that he must do what I ask … he will see that the church is built for which I ask."
(brief extract from the story of our Lady of Guadalupe)
Beam of me an instrument of your peace:

where there is hatred, I put love;
where there is badly, I put pardon;
where there is discord, I put harmony;
where there is error, I put truth;
where there is doubt, I put faith;
where there is desperation, I put hope;
where there are shades, I put light;
where there is sadness, I put joy.
Sir, who does not pawn so much to me
in being consoled like in consoling,
in being included/understood like in including/understanding;
in being loved like in loving.
Because one is forgetting to itself is;
he is pardoning as one has been forgiven;
he is dying like one wide-awake one to the eternal life.

(San Francisco de Asís)
Peace for Mexico and the World, fill all our hearths with love Madre mia.

Mexican Blouses Embroidered Flowers

Mexican Embroidered Blouses
Mexican embroidered blouses 1960 hippie ethnic
bohemian ethnic style white and beige, natural cotton thread, loved fit.

Vintage Mexican embroidered bags


Vintage Colors handbag tote bohemian hippie chic

Unique Mexican embroidered Huipil bags are made with lots of love and energy, we would like to share this beautiful vintage bags and pieces of mexican vintage hippie art with the world and with you.
Every single purse has an extraordinary color combination, and they are unique pieces of mexican culture.
You can wear them with almost all of your clothes and they will match perfectly.
This are beautiful and colorful hippie retro bag and it is BIGGER.

Unique beautiful embroidered bag from Mexico
Size with small variations:
34" Long
15" wide
5.5" deep
17" straps

It is very spacious, a 17" laptop would fit perfectly(vertical) with extra space in the sides.

Comfortable wide strap.
It is perfect for a day at the beach, novel, books colors, notebook, water, food, very spacious and useful to do groceries, shopping and enjoy, useful as beautiful.