Frida Kahlo Casa Azul

Frida Kahlo is a Mexican Artist 
she painted her life, 
a life where details and sorrow are normal and part of everyday, 
Frida is an amazing inspiration for women and also for men, 
she lived everyday with strength and in her paints this is shown clearly.

She has an unique and authentic style, she made from a Mexican folk art, 
a recognized style in the art world,  her paints are vivid, real and very Mexican, 
With a touch of elegance, she enjoyed wearing the Huipil a Mexican Blouse traditionally made 
by Indigenous hands in Oaxaca.

Diego Rivera married her, she was in love with him and he was somehow what we call a mujeriego here in Mexico, indeed is not a secret he had many lovers while married, but Frida waked in him a different passion, she as him shared painting, their passion, and her art astonished him in all senses.

Diego Rivera was in love with Frida Kahlo,  
with her passion for living her life, 
the way she loved him and with her senses, 
she could make him feel the roots of their Mexico with her paintings,
those he had forgotten, and with her, he could see and admire through her art.

Diego Rivera was also a recognized painter, 
he did many murals, those walls are still honored to feature his paintings.
He supported arts, in his own ways.

Rivera, was a an admirer person, artist, he also had a very particular political view,

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, shared a long life together, from her early years, 
to the end of her life, she abandoned this world, to never enter again, as she said once.
He was with her despite all situations and showed her true love, Diego Rivera encouraged Frida Kahlo and also inspire her to paint unti the last day of her life.

Frida Kahlo Painting on the Bathtub.

The essences in their life

Frida Loved chunky jewelry

Casa Azul
Coyoacan Mexico 
Frida Kahlo House and
Diego Rivera Attelier / Studio

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