Mexican Bikini Bohemian Hand Embroidered

Beautiful Dreams lead us far away from our world, we start traveling and wondering about other cultures, Bohemian places to visit and unique handmade and hand embroidered pieces to wear and enjoy everyday!

In Dreamy state of mind, is where you fill yourself up with good energies!

Hope you enjoy this amazing photoshoot
We loved it very much, I sure all friends and customers enjoy the very much! From the pool to a beach photo session!

Thanks Amanda for considering our Work and embroidered dreams for your shop!

From Mexico
Aida Coronado


Aida Coronado Mexican Closet

Welcome, Bienvenidos 

Aida Coronado presents Mexican Dress shop, Mexico one of a kind handmade and hand embroidery collection made and inspired in Mexican traditions, culture, colors, love and magic.

You will find amazing and gorgeous vintage techniques, artisanal, hand embroidered Mexican dresses, amazing Indigenous Ethnic Mexican blouses and traditional vintage textiles, unique pieces, wearable art, eye catching and magical vibrant colors, unique folk and ethnic treasures, with love from Mexico, to your door.

Aida Coronado 
Mexican Closet, a Wardrobe full of Mexican Embroidered Organic Fabrics and
 Beautiful Dreams made just for you from Mexico

Our exclusive Mexican online clothing boutique has an authentic and dreamy unique style, it is a Galeria featuring romance, sweetness and whimsical details. It is indie, hippie, chic, ethnic, bohemian, eco friendly, and a bit boho. 

Loves Frida Kahlo, gypsies and magic,. 
Hearts fairies, Loves the sixties and the seventies, Aida Coronado shop has 
 amazing handmade embroidery Mexican dresses and dreams,
 beautiful thoughts and colors from our unique Mexico Art and Culture.

We enjoy bringing our Mexican traditions, materials and vintage techniques to a new world, we create and believe in comfortable and flattering pieces, timeless ethnic and bohemian boho chic hippie clothing, pieces with a heart, clothes to love and wear every day.

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Loves and big warm hugs from Mexico,
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We love sharing with you our Mexico unique clothing and Mexican designs! 

Aida Coronado The House And Heart Of The Mexican Embroidered Dress

Love from Mexico
Aida Coronado
Galeria Mexico
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Serena Mexican Wedding Dress

Love is forever like your BFF who will be your bridesmaid on your Wedding!
We appreciate your beautiful images and we Love to see You happy wearing your beautiful Mexican Dress! 
In this photoshoot our beautiful Bohemian Bride (perfect hair and tatoos!) Is wearing La serena Mexican dress, It is a very soft cotton, Bohemian and authentic Mexico inspired maxi dress, one of Her friends is wearing and Amelia blouse mini dress!

We Thank all of our customer for their appreciation -and support- all this years, may we have plenty more to come full of happiness for all.

Love from Mexico
Aida Coronado

Wearing natural gauze makes every day a special Mexico day!
La Serena Dress
Mexican Dress


Just About Aida

Besides the normal and frequent questions regarding my current location, regardless of my IP,  I can be traveling around México, I might be taking a bus in Oaxaca, exploring la sierra de Mexico, or just be arriving to Arizona, or perhaps I am visiting my family back in Hermosillo! 

I was Born and raised in Hermosillo, Sonora, proudly, lived for a season in USA, practicing English, working with an American family who was Employee of the United States Goverment, I am very open minded, the most intense part of this travels is when you start talking with people who had crossed the border walking, to work. 
And when you hear an American watching TV in Mexico expressing their opinion about Bush and Inmigration.
Again I am very open minded and I believe there is place for all.
(Less fighting=more working)

I got also questions about my "degrees" or my education, and I have a very "a la antigüita" education. 
(my dad was almost 40 years old, when I was born, he mainly worked for his family brothers and sisters his whole life, providing shelter, food and most important security and Education, thei own Dad my Grandfather Juan Salinovich Dropulich passed away when m Daddy was just 15. 

And we was busy, apparently he Did not had any interest-time of a family of his own, but my Mom (from Cananea, Sonora) and Me appeared in his life, 4 and 5 years later my beautiful sisters.)

My first dance, as in a whole song in front of "real society", was in my quinceañera (despite I was 13)

A "Debutantes de Chantal", a social event I shared with a couple of girls (it is way cheaper this way) and neighbors from Hermosillo, Sonora at the Casino, with him. 
(My graduation was there as well, at the Casino de Hermosillo,  at the "salon azul", we where 30 graduates only!.)

I am wondering if somehow in Sonora we are a reflect of the USA, maybe Texas or California? 
We all in Sonora love big hair, fashion, make up, fancy and trendy stuff, and of course, 
We love shopping sprees at Nogales and Tucson even Phoenix and outlets beyond, like the ones in Las Vegas. 
(yes, I just gambled $20usd that is it). (And won, several times, several quarters!around 500usd).

I did not enjoy (always) all this girly things, at 13 years old I was sort of a "tomboy"/rebel wannabe a bit different from all the girls around me. "Different From my culture". I did not want a ball, I wanted a prom and so on, a bit advanced, but controlled.

I was 13 years old the first time I danced, with my dad,  Thats is it I do no know how to Dance "rancheras" with a man, although I was part of Tiare (dance studio) for years. 
At the age of 17, I was not allowed to use "mini skirts" and deep necklines, (one or the other) or to participate in other social such as balls, in his opinion frivol events.
It was not proper under my father eyes. ("you are not for exhibition", later I will understand why.)

My father, Jorge, "El Cabezon" in Sonora,  knew I was all about learning languages, and I loved USA (there Doctors in Tucson Childrens Hospital  "fixed" my ear sight, here in Mexico, I was loosing my ear sight, and with the tools available was not possible at the time, and nowadays even if I explain my procedure -this in 2015- in Puerto Vallarta, to a "otorrinolaringologo" here in Mexico the procedure made in USA to me, they trash their knowledge and tell me that is not possible they do not "believe in them". (And that I will become Deaf, so I do not let them touch my ears).

Why? Well I believed and trusted the doctors in Tucson, that put me to sleep, and later after years I recovered totally. 
And I ask People Doctors who are familiar with the procedure for guidelines and knowledge.

So this is just one of the reasons, why I love the United States of America.
And This was recommended by my all life Doctor Katase Tanaka+
*who also explained to me, since a very young age, my blood type 0- and babies.

Jorge, my Dads, proposition for me was that I went back to girls school, and later on start working with the Opus Dei, this way I will travel, and he will know for sure I was safe, who I was with and I will develop in a safe enviroment. 
(A daugther from a good friend was a Numeraria, and he wanted me to look after her,  and make him proud 
as I will be also helping others).

So as you imagine I developed a couple of odd questions about "society". 
I wanted to help, but I did not want to commit my life to a certain schedule or routine.

Once I heard someone calling "pata rajada" to a boy who worked since very young, and as he was enabling his family to go to school, he did not had a chance to finish college, sometimes society stigmatizes you due your education. I do not. I am a firm believer all people had the same chances, from a designer that went to school, to a designer that learned by herself, I am not just talking about me, I talk for all the Artist I work with, women who empower their families and they are also people you look after to get Inspired by.

At the age of 5 I was having the most fun of my life,
(this is why I consider this years so important, is the time you create all memories for later in life.) 
I loved riding my Uncle´s Juan,  Jhon Deere,(later prohibited, permanently even if it was a closed "tractor" .)
I insisted and wanted to go to work with my dad,  I helped and worked with my dad at la 12,  at Los Jitos, also called el Zancudo. (The mosquito) at el poblado Miguel Aleman, Sonora. (where my Mama Maria Coronado (grandmother) and her sister Amelia Coronado, met their husbands, Juan Salinovich Dropulich and Francisco, Foreigners who refused their nationalities and became Mexicans, and later worked on their fields, as Colonos).
This is why in Sonora you find last names such as Salinovich, Giottonini, Lohr, Baranzini, Pavlovich, Dropulich, Vucovich, Prandini, etc...and so on. (this is another story, one I developed for the Universidad de Sonora, as I know personally most of them, Primo de Verdad Prandini was my
Uncles Miguel Antonio Salinovich Coronado "father in law", he got married to Gabriella Prandini her daugther, and had 2 kids, as an example).

There in Los Jitos we would eat the most amazing "gallina pinta" made by Mrs. Trujillo. 
My mother had to learn how to cook this as it was one of my father Jorge favorites, and I also like to cook this dish.

I loved playing with my best childhood friend, (was very different from school) we used to have fun eating figs from a tree, (never eat 2 figs that grew together, that was one of my friend advices), we loved taking baths and playing "en la pila" well, I will stay at the canal, she was brave enough to dive en la pila, the well, (where the water was being pumped from), later we will play a little more, we would talk about school, and we will braid or curl our hairs, I would say goodbye at certain hour, we would get out from the water at 6pm (this is when the "bugs" start coming out!).

Later I helped my Dad, I will bounce all around the office with papers, (just as I saw all the girls at the Jhon Deere offices and the guys at "La Cooperativa") or well pretending to sort out metals pieces, filing papers, asking about the papers/bills down the desk crystal, where is this from (2usd good luck bill, remember when 1usd=3pesos?) and that where is that from? Can I have it, please? Later on Juan would arrive and sometimes they sent me outside to play by my own, did not bother me at all, I will climb the tree, pretend I was harvesting something, once all people who where "pizcando uva" will laugh at me as I discovered a "pasita" a raising still growing on the vid, I asked if we had a tree that provided us with pasitas (remember I was a girl, did not know where all food came from (raisins=sunmaid?), yet, my dad with all his patience, explained to me; sometimes the grape will dry, then I will ask why don´t you sell "raisins then"? (all laughs stopped, Mrs. Trujillo had an amazing garden full of Roses, I also wanted to sell them).

We would pick Oranges, this Orange trees are my property (if they have not burned or "someone" has destroy them) this Orange trees have the same years I have, my father "planted" them the year I was born.

My dad would show me the Cotton plant, I will be also around when they "pick" this plant and would be amazed to discover a seed inside and could not believe this little grain will be "cotton as in fabric" one day. I had permission to open one with the puffy white inside and one with the bean, looks like a garbanzo (chick pea).

Mi tio Juan,  later on would give me the desk, as a birthday gift, that huge Gray heavy office Desk, this will become later my study place and office.

Besides from this I got a very normal education, just went to school, in certain points and certain school,  
I got into really "I would like to forget situations" such as harrasments, bullied and even murder threats.(this was not addressed right by the teachers or coordinators at the moment, Mr. Procel just died, and at the moment "bullying"  was an "unexisting term" I insisted to the teachers, it was not fair and something should be done, nothing was done.
But we are all fine" no more bullying or harrasing, all this people have kids nowadays, so I am sure they do not wish this to happen to their kids, right?) 
I was 13-15th an age where socializing is priority, but as I am educated in humble "terrains" I knew friends will come along with life, no at "certain" schools.

From that school,  I was dismissed due "supposed failed grades" (how? with Profesor Solares? 
He did correct the test results for all!...I know...but it was just the beginning, he said he was just a soldier, following rules.

But I was sure I was finishing school, even if the school did not provided me with the results on time and made my parents waste money $.).

And so I went into another school, (not as pretentious) where I met Soledad, one of those teachers You remember like Jaudiel+, or Patricia Pimentel, Ignacia Pesqueira, Alma Johnson, and how to forget Miss Rafaella, teachers that love You and no matter what, or how they open your reality, people that You will look into their eyes and You will understand, they are speaking the truth, like Goyita, in Monteon,Nayarit, she is a life teacher. (And like my aunts will say, El que es perico, donde sea es verde).

I went ahead and made it through, We all do (we do! If you wish it with your heart you will make it through, you need to convince your self about it).

I got into the Communications / Journalism area, as it was on my results, "a "profile" best career match", several tests where made, and the options where nutritionist (which was not available at the moment), Psicology or Communication Sciences. (Which are from the same "tronco comun" meaning "Social Career".

I did not went for any of those, I got my self a Job and with the help of Servicio Estatal del Empleo, I was decided to work. (Romperme el Lomo=Work my But?).

I did my tests, and pretend, but my father knew (he always knew Everything, as in a lot of secrets, he met almost all Hermosillo, Sonora,  I will felt surprised and honored to hear his vintage stories about Hermosillo, Sonora and still love when People with Knowledge share them
Nowadays with us)

Ok, I was not going to get the finals or even sign in, I signed into "Sociology" He went to my job, picked me up from work, sitted me on his beige chevrolet truck and insisted "You finish school or at least assist to school and then You can work ".
I do not know how my papers ended in "Communication".

I had all sorted out  (Aida vs "o trabajas o estudias, no puedes tener 2 dioses or situations such a girl who said "this is not even a career, not even a science, and it is so crowded" while she was a "substitute teacher" or the career coordinator who sent us all, to sell tacos in order to pay for our career).

I used to spent hours in front of the changing (crowded Uni) schedules/teachers list, I had all planned 7-9am school 9-3pmwork 3-5pmschool 5-8work, 8-9school.

And it worked on perfectly, I managed to volunteer as a teacher (catequista) at San Juan Capistrano Church, work as kids dental assistant with Bloch, and even got my goverment "Servicio Estatal del empleo" certificate, I -enjoyed- learned a lot, thank you, as a surf boutique manager, fashion stylist, and $ admin, with a guy that went to "la benemerita de puebla" I worked in a ISODEJ project like a "geek secretary" at a computer support place (endivia, compu pacifico, things and such stuff with Luis Carlos Larios), as well as the co-owner, with my ex fellow school fella, of a micro coffe crepe place, here Anna Karenina made our designs. And later on I assisted and traveled with an American family for their business matters, I had been a tutor, a nanny, a substitute teacher, waitdress, and of course a "flight attendant wannabe" I was hired by AeroMexico, but they could not reach me, (I lost my flight, obviously, my dad did not want this for me, the phone never ringed) and later in like Katy will be very clear about my future, I do not know why but she was always "sort of" kind of nice with me.

And I also went to several parties, of course there is time for everything! 
In my life I have met the most Amazing people.
(You would not believe me, I met personally an apprentice (yes from the tv show!).
Most of them never present themselves as designers, singers or writers, perhaps some do, but just because they like to show off their work, or you insist a lot about what do they do?.

I had noted that even in Mexico as in the USA or in the "big cities" You will see the cultural changes from one place to another from one small town to another.
In each of this cities and towns there is people, it is a matter of your own senses to determine if You invite and welcome them to into your life.

I learn the hard way, my dad will always tell that to my, (you like to get "en camisa de 11 varas), but sometimes, You think You know more, he was very discret, I am not at all, and I am very (was) very very Easy going.
The truth is sometimes I let in people I had no reason to let in, which sometimes leads you to think twice about "friendly -unknow- people" asking who are you, where you live,etc...

But it is true that they prepare You for later in life, I will never forget my best friend telling me I will never do anything with my life, when I was asking him, what was FTP or how to use NAPSTER or how to play DIABLO. (15/17?)
Girls around where never or not at all interested in what I liked "my geek lets do something different, fashion design with cotton interests". (I was not a "online chat girl", this was boring for me).

Do not worry I managed myself to use NAPSTER,  and finish DIABLO with out "additional help".
I remember Altavista as the search engine I used a long time ago, (7?) where it was almost imposibble to find the right content.

I remember sitting infront of the computer and wondering infront on the tickling    
    What I am supposed to search for...

ICQ, MSN, IRC a lot of time consumed, and my father will stare at my window, read and say I wonder if You really "learn something" infront of that computer.( a computer we won with a "universidad de sonora" lotto ticket a gamma 386, later we won a truck, but they canceled the "game". And later we won a "stereo" which was a great music companion.

And yes, You do Papa Jorge, for sure! You learn. (It is up to you what you learn and how you use the Internet).

I am really blessed and thank all the people I have met in the past! (Yes even you "Mrs. We are in Mexico "You are a M, so Mexican you should do $25 pesos but is fine the american with "credentials" makes $100 (and by the way we do not "need your services").  reminds me of Mr. "You should do all for $50pesos from 6:00am to 9:00pm. (I was a Mother for this little girls, woke them, prepare them for school, drive them... Play, Homework, play, and I will tuck them in bed)

I know there is people who make less, but that is the reason we all are working our buts, to learn and have beautiful honorable lifes, that will enable us to help and empower others. Right? 

I am sure you all understand my point of view, or not, anyhow, if this people or situations where not part of my "existencia" Right now I will be writing to you from Canada, which was the plan back on 2005. 

But I wanted to explore Mexico, my culture, before landing in another culture.
I wanted to have the ability to tell you all about my country. 
And sometimes "Las imagenes dicen mas que mil palabras"
Another vintage quote from Mexico.

About Gossip, no girls I am Mexican, but not into "Pueblo" chismes, rumors, gossip. I am from Hermosillo, remember?  
I really do not enjoy them and have always said -your "gossip" is safe with me.

So everytime you say you know/knew me perhaps you have to think twice about your words, because in that case I also know you. Right? (But I am nice enough to pretend I do not). 

And I am not picking into your blog/life/business?.
You are very welcome.

About Albures/grotesque sayings from each town or to refer to someone, or meaning different "things" I catch them, they are "funny"? but I do not use them, they are not entertaining at all for me, my dad was very clear this was not funny for anybody, we worked with people from all Mexico, remember people who come to Sonora to work in the field, we had to respect.

About people laughing at your work or your clothing, body, etc... no I will not ever, have you ever experienced people that stare making faces and laughing at you? and with the help of friends, start bullying and making you feel like "bad", because you look like you are having a hard time or dress different or have -new design ideas-? That is called discrimination.  (No, I will not do this No offline - 

No online ok?) meaning if you -have- to use and share words with us via convos, such as "potatoe sack", you want just to show off your work or place orders to make us loose time, with out intending to receive them, and such then we are probably not in the same "channel" and you will need to look somewhere else. 

I do not know you, so why I will criticize you or make you lose your time? I mean it is a business transaction, "not an Internet glitch you can grab information from and stalk or bother my friends
With no sense requests.

And well about those "diseminating" false statements, or for those abusing from privileges in social networks, I am sure if you placed an order I am receiving your emails and received your payment, perhaps you forgot and did not realize the refund has been processed, or that the money was never deducted from you -check your account statements-

Please do not Spam our accounts, we appreciate and encourage your contact but please respect our networks.
(Specially my personal emails, no one should know about, stop opening fake twitter accounts with my emails!). (I am sure twitter has your IP information and the obviously need to improve their security).

Please respect our ideas, which at the end are inspiration. And inspiration comes from the heart where you share you style and knowledge with others, the Internet for some of us, means business, and seriously, if you have the time, instead of "copying" "photography plagiarism" "appropiation"  if you sell different pieces to our collection, I would be your customer and probably you will inspire me, again, and not mass produced copies of our work. ( I am not alone, and you affect us all, but at the end I give the "face for us all" and You know this, this is not my first year, and probably you where a client).

If you have to talk/met me for "your reasons", "an exchange is not a reason to locate-visit me", (this is fixed online, for all customers, and I have very special customers and not even one had this neccesity). 
Try making an appointment for such encounters, I do not see the reason to do so, as it is an online shop, for example: I admire Michelle Phan, but if I receive a product from her, I will not go an locate her, trash her, etc... right?

 I mean, if you arrive where I live at or even if you are from here, and you ask for me around, this is Mexico, for all I know, it is prohibited to provide others with this sensitive information, as you never know the real intentions of people, and at the end they will blame you, for giving such info to others. (Stop by shop policies, and if you are not familiar with online shopping I am happy and glad to help).

I hope you are enjoying the summer! 
Where ever you are in this wonderful world! Enjoy Hicking, Climbing, Skying, Writing, Dancing, Bicking, Surfing, Swimming,  Reading, Expressing, Creating, Photographing amazing pictures (my first camera was a gift from my Dad a Vintage Pentax (I still have and with this took all my images for the University), since those days I wanted Canon (the one I use nowadays) he bought this from Conrado Quezada (part of his personal stock), a well know Photographer back in Hermosillo, like Memo Moreno (his amazing images where part of Arbol 2000 in San Pedro, El Saucito), do whatever makes you feel like life is blossoming to you and your loved ones!

Art is everywhere, we have art in Sonora,  "La cultura se acaba donde comienza la carne asada" is just wrong, I miss going to Kino to admire the Seris art, yes I love "museos" or "musellos" as we would call the and laugh about ;) and there is art in all Mexico, I love my country, 
and yes "Mexico Lindo y Querido" If I die far away, please bring me back. 
"Que digan que estoy dormido y que me traigan aqui".

Love from Mexico
Aida Coronado 
(Preparing another shipment, available at whatsapp). ;)

Mexican Wedding Dress, Destination by the Ocean

Beautiful Mexican Wedding by the beach

Beautiful Dress Handmade for Lovely Bohemian Bride 

Mexican Baby Dress

Mexican Embroidered Baby Dress from Aida Coronado Shop 
Mexico unique styles

Mexican baby dresses Hand Embroidered
iPhone Mexican wristlet miniature bag perfect for your Fiesta carrying just lip balm,  phone, money and card. 

Mexican Blue Baby Dress
Pink Mexican baby dress 
Hand Mexican Embroidered Baby Dresses Amazing handmade details, available at:
available from size 0 to girl size 8

New born Mexican Baby Dress in Indigo Blue
Mexican Girl Dress
Off Shoulder Mexican Aida Coronado style
Huichol Wixarica inspired Mexican baby dress hand Embroidered 
Ethnic Blouse and Skirt Set
Monocromatic embroiderered Dress off shoulder style for girls and babies
Crochet hand Embroidered girls Mexican dress

Mexican girl Dress Embroidered straps perfect for summer days

with Love from Mexico

Baby and Children Mexican embroidered clothing

Mexican Beaded Necklace

Huichol beaded necklace pendant

The symbols in this traditional Huichol Bracelet and colors represent life, the Sun God and the sky, the moon Goddess and stars, this is a Mini bag, You will be able to carry with You special charms, close to your heart!

Huichol Beaded Necklace Choker Aida Coronado design Style Ethnic Necklace czech beaded Wixarika made. 
Ethnic Statement Necklace

Original handmade draw folk Mexican art by Maria Zadith Salinovich 

With Love from Mexico
Aida Coronado
Galeria Mexico
collection I
Mexican Shop


Nature Lover Mexican Wedding Dress

When Love is the most important part of your wedding the planning is not as important, what really matters is that You and you loved one are happy and having fun creating this amazing day, this day will be forever in your hearts and the hearts of all the people that gets inspired by your lovely celebration and will be a memorie to later share with new generations. Thanks for sharing and appreciating our culture that is yours too!
She is wearing beautifully Nature Lover Mexican Wedding Dress Hand Embroidered made with soft gauze, handmade specially for her.
With Love from Mexico
Aida Coronado

If you are unique and chic your would love embroidery, but you need to appreciate Nature to fall in Love with Nature Lover Mexican Wedding Dress

Astrid did and she is very happy wearing her Mexican Dress to which she added some 
details that make her style just as unique as she is.

The flowers in her hair are reminiscent of Frida Kahlo, the necklace se is wearing with beads and turquoise colors makes all come together to a lovely style, her own uniqueness is shown through all details.
Beautiful Bohemian Bride and Groom 


We all have a Juan in our life

Huichol Dreams Beaded Ethnic Jewelry

A little butterfly flew into the garden, When de repent, she azot, ajijo she said, What stupid I am, when I flew into the garden, I forgot to open "My alitas".

This is a "tale" Jhon Juan Salinovich Coronado, Would tell me and make repeat every time he visited us back in Hermosillo, Sonora.
I am not sure where this tale comes from, why Or where he learned it. (Do you?)
He told me several more. (And was quite special about accent and verbs, I am not Still sure I got them all, so excuse any grammar/typos).

Juan Loved visiting USA, specially Tucson, (all Arizona) and Las Vegas, once He traveled to Croacia, Rome, Paris, all Europe, With his forever loved One, perhaps twice, he was a true Romantic Bohemian Man.

He was Always telling me how important english was, I would Laugh, until I was in the need to find the "restroom" At a huge mall, as an example. 

He Always asked me what I wanted to be  as what career I would select, I said Always without hesitate on, I want to be a lawyer. 
He would smile, and after asking me what Kind of lawyer I wanted to be, He would smile again and tell me We already have a lawyer that Will take care Of Our family, I will reply I know, but I want to take care of My Dad.

After cursing for a while, ( Yes We used bad words "in english", I was little and he enjoyed making my Dad angry).
He would get very Serious, and proposse me to be a doctor, which was great, as I would be able to research new medicine, as he did, and take care of all too, specially him, but LIFE took me to a different direction.

Later in LIFE I applied to become a doctor, but all I wanted was to attend the Agriculture school, (it was so beautiful there). This was a big huge no no, I was a girl, and my father Jorge would not approve.

Juan was like the fun side Of my father Jorge, not as funnny as Miguel, but surely less proper than Mateo. (They where brothers)

He loved road trips, but in one, There was an accident, he got into a major car accident in the road to phoenix, the driver  behind him was driving a trailer had a heart attack and crashed Jhons pick up. Doctors in the EUA said he was very Lucky to be alive, he was into very harsh drugs and medication for long time, which developed a diabetes and depression later on his life. 
He Could not drive Long distances anymore.

I love you Jhon Salinovich, where ever you are, thanks for teaching me.

Take care!


Huichol beaded necklace unique Mexican Lucky Butterfly bohemian chic ethnic 

The Beautiful And Unique Images expressed in their artwork are always representing stories, legends of their mythology that organize every aspect of their world and lives. 

These arts are entirely unique to these people and this area of the world.

Aida Coronado
Galeria Mexico 
Collection I

Huichol Necklace Butterfly