Mexico Wedding Dress

If you are looking for the most stunning and happy wedding you found it, this couple knows how to enjoy a party and make from a bohemian wedding the most amazing of the days!
We are sure every day is like this in their lifes! Thanks for sharing your joy!

Thanks to gorgeous Yummi for considering our Mexican wedding dress for your wonderful wedding day!

Pajaritos del Amor 
Mexican Wedding Dress
Hand Embroidered 

Mexican Dress Style is Everywhere

Mexican Style has been influenced by fashion from several cultures and countries along the years.

I would like to include our Mexican Indigenous clothing as a fashion ethnic unique style as it has changed throught life, and is a fashion statement, just as high couture fashion.

The Diference is Some pieces had been made for comercial fast trade, and had lose some of their intricacy, but others have been made even more elaborated.
Hand embroidery, is unique to Mexico, to the people working with the Mexican embroidery.
Altough every country has their own unique embroidery techiques.

The ethnic techniques we use here at Aida Coronado, as I am shipping from Mexico, are unique from region to region, ancestral techniques passed through generations.
Someone from Veracruz would have a different embroidered blouse, from someone in Juquila Oaxaca. And even in Oaxaca there are blouses that differ from town to town, there are hundreds of them, from ethnicity to ethnicity, from taste and so on.

Here in Mexico as in any other countries, the relationship with our clothing is very special,

for us clothing has a meaning and carries our energies through the day and through life.
When you feel a garment does not suit you just do not wear it on that day.

Sometimes I had lost important pieces of clothing, when just making some tests (I try several methods of washing and drying, altough I highly recommed neutral soap and handwash, Iron if necessary).

I found this book and I do not want it to get lost, in one of my travels, this is a Parisian Magazine, very elegant, it has advertisment from LV, Christian Lacroix, Zimmerman and more designers and inspiring images, I know there is already a bunch of advertisment in Magazines nowadays, so how come I am doing this!?
Because this is Magazine from 1909, hope you enjoy!

Where does Fashion comes from, 
I believe from Unique people around the world, 
here in Mexico the traditional non mass produced is like fashion on 1909 in France, 
it is slow but at the end is worth it.

Love from Mexico

Aida Coronado
Galeria Mexico
Collection I

All credits to photographer and designers (1909-)