Stigmatizing people

Due your appereance there is some people around, normally the "old pueblo" habitants which think calling you names because you love to wear long hair will affect you.

Let me tell you something, in different cultures long hair symbolizes "things" that for you probably are non/sense.

Long Hair is all old as the profession you are thinking I am talking about, but having long hair and been a working woman does not give you any right to say "p,,," infront of children.

In my own opinion I respect the girls who their profession is this, they selected that for living as is a life style.

I do not take ofense if you call me like them, It actually reminds me I have to be proud.
Because at the end I am a woman who is able to respect and admire them, and you well, you have your "esterotypes"
On how life if supposed to be...

In my own humble opinion, it is your friends who deal with you, not me.

If you call names to people you do not know, imagine what you are capable of talking and trashing your "friends".

Life is about respect and the ladiea who love wearing high heels deserve the same respect and have the same human rights as doctors.

Gossipers, harrasers and people who enjoy "dishonest acts" like "paying the news paper to publish lies, to make others believe on their proffesion should be in the same place as people who offend children, in jails, in rehabs, not free around "lawless countries". (Btw, Mexico is not a lawless country).

How to live and work

When you "go away"  from home at a very young age, and continue working, you develop, in a more independent way, you are able to start taking care of your own. 

It is normal you develop a high sensibility for things you love or had loved and been interested in your whole life.

It gives you Freedom to act.

There is no many girls who are capable of doing so.

How to

How to clean your House

My mother Araceli is very special when cleaning her house and I learnt from her some techniques, do the brooming but pick up using recycled paper so you do not do a "mess" again with the fine dust thus can not be catched by the "recogedor".

Clean in pieces and use a broom for the kitchen another for your bedroom and so on... With the mapeadores "mops"

Wash your clothing with cold water to make it last longer and if you can handwash like a la "antig√ľa" do it!

Never leave candlea unatended, learnt this the hard way in a san pancho house 
They had a wood candle piece and we placed 3 candles, felt sleep to find out in the am it was burning, so blow your candles everynight.

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How to open an Online Shop

How to a healthier life style.

The How to do... 

I work with Humans

Not with religions as their beliefs often set apart people.

Not with a normal family as it is well known that bussines is not for suitable for most of "normal families"

Because at the moment we spent arising our voice for religions/beliefs that are not ours we forget in doing good, and we start fighting over, religions where not meant to exist to separate the "pueblos" they where meant to unite them.

If in the meantime other interests arised, well that is problem of each one, the one who thinks that "his religion" will save him after not existing as it should be expected. (Or save him over others? Enough said).

Doing good. Because of God.


An Independence Day Road Trip

Love from Mexico

Happy September 16 Mexico Independence Day!
Take care!
Have Fun and Enjoy this beautiful day!
y que Viva Mexico!