November 2015 -Human World-

Sometimes I enjoy wandering, dreaming and just enjoy life, (i watch 0 news on Tv since 2006)...
but then I start noticing changes around, I am not a huge war believer, or someone that thinks that you should use violence to fix up things, the day I heard someone saying in a proudly tone,  chants or books under some religions are made to prepare young ones for war -with others-.  (I felt chills all overy me).

What or why to be on war, or use violence?

Is this is the true self of us? Like humans, who think, rational humans,  I mean why would you want to hurt, if you are a human too?

It is not a better option to help? 
Setting apart socialist, communism, capitalism, monarchy, democracy? Etc..
And see all -as terms- just a term.

Take the convinient pieces and put them all together (im sure in 2015 we have plenty tools to prevent, help and heal old scars.)

I am not sure where all this will be stopping or ending.

But I really wish all ends 
In another "way".
A Better way for all,
Because we are all humans? Right?