What is wrong with a brick and mortar shop?


I would love you to shop in one, but at this moment I am not
100% convinced I will own one.

I get the request for visiting Mexico quite a lot,
But I see a lot of things going on, and I would not want
You to be part of a scam or a police officer going rude on you.
Or get sick or not Medical attention, and so on, etc... etc...

It is very sad to realize this in your own country,
(Perhaps I got the winter blues, perhaps I just got PTSD due all "situations"
Or maybe I just got tired about so abusive "situations").
Ok, it is weird and sad Your Mexico, the place your work from, the country you admire,
Turned its back on you when you most need it.

Really? Yes, not all people s*ck but there have been a few
Who deserve not a mention, but a good friend who tolds them
Where to stop.

Sometimes I feel part of AA or a rehab center, I mean,
We all have our issues, but it is funny to go for therapy and
End listening to the other person issues, and at least, well I tend to
Provide a good advice instead of a negative one, (I mean I did not went
To schools to be a therapist but I will do my best to help "attitude").

I believe a lot of thing will change in Mexico,
If we put our WhatsApp phone while at work away, for example.
If we do not steal from others.
If we acted less like crabs? (This is not mine I read it somewhere).
If we really believe in our jobs and act as we work (as in really, not
Pretend to with the phone in a hand and your customer asking for information)
If people really keep it private.

I realized people have crazy ways of calling out for your attention.

of course if you travel to Sonora, from Oaxaca
You should expect people to be nice right and do "good things"

No? Well excuse me, but in Sonora, at least my family, always
Respected people from all "places and areas".


How To Open an Online Shop

First you have to ask yourself why? Why on earth would you open a shop online? 

There must be several reasons to open your online shop. 
And a hundred "logical" that point towards a no.
Altough it looks easy, it is a difficult but entertaining and rewarding job.

You must bring something new to the table, do not be scared to show off your handmade vintage or original goods on Etsy. (Try to focus your energy in doing and learning  instead of just "saying". ).

1-Share your Unique Work-

2-Trust Your Tribe {people with your own vibe/energy} -

3-Enjoy. (Your customer and your work)

Why? Because we wish to shop unique pieces online, of course Mexican Dresses are gorgeous but there are several other creative people offering goods for a NEW LIFESTYLE!

It is very rare from an Internet Enthusiast to copy cat each other. 
I mean in "my world" (in the places I lived before here) we do not "imitate" others we focus on our businesses style small- or big and in our own Image we project to others.
And if we see "copies" lets say LV bags we do not laugh, but neither get fooled, most of us do not believe arrogancy is "cool". And some of us considering branding important and others do not.

If you come with the set of mind to the Internet "we will put you "out of the game" because we are copycating your work" "we will scare you" you are lossing your time, really, I have seen it every year, I know who is getting inspired from who, who actually purchased an item and deliberatedely reproduced it and is "selling" it, I am not sure how, due as a buyer you start creating a "conscious", example: 
Have you watched influencers ? (Phan, Raw, Guerriero,etc...) on youtube? Well they have a lot of followers and sometimes you fall in channels as the image in the profile confuses you. Sometimes we think is her sister or they have something in common, very rarely they are related in this kind of situations.

And I am almost sure they do not bother about this, nor answer to angry people when they get into the comments area to criticize their work or any other public beauty gurus/chefs/etsy sellers, (although once I happen to read on an Etsy Seller profile she was stalked by someone who got her details through Etsy).

But here lays the beauty of Internet since I am very young, (probably 7), a computer has been around,and the difference between TV/Radio/NewsPaper and The Internet is that no one is paying for you to see us. 
You can be deceptive? 
You can decide what you watch, who you talk with and most important whom you are talking or reading at or with.

If you do not Enjoy something You can "turn the page" as fast as you need to do so, there is no need to get "hung upon", if you are not doing something constructive for the bussines you are taking about and you are criticizing (a destructive critique) is better to Let Go.

That is the beauty of the Internet, Etsy, and online Market, and from social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Google, Youtube, they are there for us to use them for doing business. (Something Jorge, my dad always said and was worried about my "addiction" to mIRC or messenger, what was that useful for?, when would do something meaningful with a computer?doing Bussines actually? 

There is a whole group of very sensitive and artistic -People over Etsy- , and it is always good to get inspired by their mind sets. And see someone else in the world also believed in @computers.

Others here in Mexico still believe is for just "playing" and even stalking, or going into ilegal practices, such as plagiarism, but truth is, is a business tool, and if you have access to it you are very privileged and supposed willing to respect others. (Specially the Work and Bussines we do).

Is like a "world community".

To form part of Etsy you need to be honest and willing to help.
Why? Because our customers are highly sensitive. 

And as you see online, and over Etsy, you can find reputable sellers from all around the world. Huge stores have several designers behind a brand and they will throw the ball one to another, in a plagiarism case for instance.

But wait, you can pay for your likes and people who comment for you, and even pay to others to do the "black hat work" yes is true, you can also give money to others in order for them to "talk about you" meaning publishing you.

I have not paid anyone for a mention, and brides magazine published a beatiful photo they took of one baby mexican dress which I find rewarding as the wonderful letter or beautiful earrings customers sent me, gracias! 

I love every single Bride that has become a beautiful Novia, I can not envision all the energy spent in each celebration, I thank the friends and photographers, they all have done a very special day possible.

Every single girl that has wanted to share with me, every customer is special, they are far away and some of them have wrote books, are website founders, singers, inspiring woman whom are proffessionals I admire their strength in Life since I am a girl/teenager/women, I am really impressed how are all connected through the Internet. 

We might learnt from each other, the good part, because at the end, when all of us go pa'viejo (meaning getting older) It is just knwoledge what will prevalece/stay in the mind of our children and in the mind of our world it is our most important FootPrint.
(Of course not throwing trash is important for the carbon foot print too! that is another story and has to do with your own Education).

I believe we have a good way of making our pieces and this reflects in every piece, I strive everyday to ship you the most amazing pieces from a Vintage Mexico, a time, when we all made our clothing to last for years. (Clothing for a beautiful heirloom and heritage).

If every aspect of your life is true, it will reflect on your Shop, on your instagram on your facebook and of course in your business and everyday in your life.

I am a believer, still, every piece, as in every single piece of clothing, jewelry, apparel around, carries a special energy a little bit of everyone involved in the process, which is very long and beautiful as many many hands are involved.
And every piece should carry a special energy as they are all made by hand and with love. Some times if it is not for you is not for you.

For me Love means, education.
We can have all the money of the world but if there is no Education there is no consiousness, therefor no empathy, because there are no emotions.

Why would you establish your business online, when you can have a brick and mortar shop?
Well, I ask you why would you put a brick and mortar business when you can be online?
If you are a big team and can allow time/expenses wise 👍. 

Small teams need to cut expenses out in order to provide the needed attention to clients. (And deal with the everyday life).

You may also should fill up the old school communication questions such as why, what, etc...etc...later, you will realize, comes to you the "how to". A very own 
"How to" you have determined answering the mentioned questions. website system is updating. (Updating data, prices, etc).

why I continue over Etsy? And closed other ecommerce sites, Because you have to know your market, and if you are "bouncing" from one shop/site/to another you will miss a lot of new Etsy updates. (Is a Continously growing community with knowledge for us that work for them, it is like college sometimes) and chances are you will get stressed, they say here in Mexico "el que mucho abarca poco aprieta". (Meaning if you go and "pick up coconuts from a palm every single day, chances are you will get tired and tomorrow you will be able to harvest just a little").

Are you willing to learn about business online? 
Are you familiar shopping and selling just online?
Do you know what is a treasurie?
Do you Remind the times when you had to wait upon a spot cleared, to make your own treasures appear in the Etsy listing?

Hope to see you soon at Etsy and most important Shop from you!

Happy Weekend Celebrations!

Love from Mexico
Aida Coronado