Love Life and Lemonade

In this previous years working online I had discovered I can speak up about some things and other times I could not talk about stuff that hurt.

Most of them are events I cherish with all my heart.

I do not blog about him very often,  but just if necessary, he was the owner at etsy, one who did not respond when I fell ill.

I wish him the most beautiful Life,  but our destiny is not to build a "family" together.

He had his heart very torn too when we arrived into each others life and I trusted him,  who was not deserved to be trust in, a Mexican Cliche, another one, for a long time, I knew it, but did not had proofs, bla bla.

I was ¨astonished¨   and it was my breakpoint, I was tired of unnecessary Drama and Unfaithful people, to be specific Liars those who tend to get advantage of people, I knew he was saying lies, and that was it, I needed to get out. and keep trusting my feelings. (And trust Me ) 

At the end I knew the truth,  he was hurting Telling lies, and doing obvious things that just make you loose time and he was very obnoxious.

I decided to stop it and regardless people calling me literally "stupid" from moving from north to center/south, and from south to norh,  I moved out from there, again. And I am FAR away mentally from that kind of people, there is nothing else I can do, Kino is like Sayulita for people in GDL everyone goes there and loves drama. 

we went through very hardcore phases personally, and business wise, copies, plagiarism, bla bla, marketers taking the credit for the website,  providers with lack of respect, fights, etc.


"El destino, El universo y las Estrellas de Confabulan Para..."

"Destiny, Universe and stars get aligned and then..."

-and everything starts Making Click, click-

And we are about to start a "new journey".
He got what he deserved, and I got what I deserved too.
the magic was an innocent love, and when this was over the magic too.

And -for me- it started making click long time ago, we are not meant for each other.
but it was hard letting it go.

I wish you the best literally and I hope returning to the same spot were we met brings a new journey for you as all this time this experience brought a new one for me.

I let go, keep it, if you feel is yours,  all you got from me,  my clothing, business emails, photos, phone numbers, designs on the computers, hard drives, house hold items, my pet, do it, is ok. I called you designer but , we are what we do.

All I ask You is PEACE and RESPECT, to my work because this is my life.

It is full of Love, magic and incredible peace.

read between lines, sometimes is about you.

what happens on etsy stays on etsy
what happens in sayulita stays in there.
what happens in the internet can be updated.

Fallen Pom Poms are meant to be Sewn.
If not they do get lost.

And To find it you will need to find out.

Never Land. 
Never Forget