While in Sayulita

While in Sayulita

A while ago, while living in Sayulita.

How did I arrived? I am not particularly fond to Nayarit, actually as a Sonorense I like turquoise oceans and rivers, that is what I knew, nothing about "the little town" Sayulita, I love nature, but Sayulita was not in my Map, as I never had anything to do with Guadalajara, or places that saw Sayulita as the next big thing, I knew nothing about.

So how I went and spent 10 years of my life there?
Well... necessity, is the mother.
A broken heart, and a domestic violent environment,
The last thing said by Maria, my sister was "we are where having a great time with out you living here, that room (was mine)." (The room my father designated was for me, for my privacy, because I had bought my stuff and needed my space).

Despite my father been sick, she had other plans for that room, she invited her friend Lucia Jimenez to live rent free in my home, my father was tired, she never paid a dime for rent, as they will make my mother go and clean their mess.
My father asked me to return, and I just talked with Chary and asked to Lucia to pay rent, as the situation was not very good economically speaking.

She went mad with me telling that was not of my business and she needed a place because got plenty issues with her mother and sisters. That was weird as I personally know their sisters, and they are different but not conflictive.

Anyhow, at that point I was alone in Sayulita, scared as hell, but I had always been protected by something and knew when and how to take male hands off me if feeling awkward. What I did not know was how to deal with another man lies regarding love, he appeared smart, but as soon as I started showing my interests and well "my ways of entertaining" he would be very different, I love chess and he got angry, as in throwing all pieces when I won. So eventually I left to play that game with him.

Time went by, and I was worried for my income, and to find a place for my own, I started getting bored about paying gas, electricity, and rent, the man I was with, starting saying stuff as "you need all my attention", "I will help you with your business" and such and such, 
And stopped working at Playa Escondida the hotel where he works now, because they did not "gave him" the place "he deserved".

Anyhow, I was already busy working...

So why I did not pursue a shop in the town? 
Why not to open a place where I will make friends and meet people?

Well, because I already met locals, and I worked for several of them...
And while working as a teacher at a little school while the Mama of One of them, opened costa verde school,
Well I use to talk to "grown ups", basically I like to talk with people older than me because they are wiser, and girls around my age in Sayulita did not had the interests I got, some of them while en el camaron will loudly laugh about the fathers of their kiddos having to provide money, and that money was used not for kids for instace  they will criticize the "fat surfers" or say things about the "rich people"... so for me getting friends my age was weird in Sayulita or even San Pancho or Puerto Vallarta.

And well this was Before my business started, AidaCoronado was not my first attempt to make a business of my own.

And well, as a kinder garden teacher pre school, i met a couple, in the hardware store, next to the carpenter, there was Santos and his lovely wife, He is a rich guy from Sayulita, rich because he is "economically rich" and rich because he has "innovative ideas", we would talk about politics, when I would go there to purchase an afternoon snack for my self, a maruchan soup or some cookies, after teaching this little guys the how to to their first years (sounds easy but this years are the most important of all).

Time went by and them
Both started asking question regarding who I was and what I did, he started sharing his point of view on how the Sayulita Society,  as in locals (the community), was staying behind, "tourists" will open places to the tourism, and that did not left any $ to the sayulita community, perhaps some pesos to the employees but no knowledge or further capacities, and that was destroying the town, he once knew, the people did not care for one another as they did in the past.

A family will be left alone if the father died, a woman will need to ask for money instead of working because no one will employ her due having 3 kiddos, etc etc and so on. He would also mention that "climate change" there was a reality as people will destroy the nature, and rain will not "get stuck" in the same places making with this a warmer weather in summer days.
We will talk about the water that needed to be recycled immediately as the town needed new infrastructure to "function".
He would mention to me to work for a guy who wanted to be president in San Pancho, whom did not got any studies but money wise, was good for that town and needed direction and a political consultant.

I was happy with my job as a teacher, and say maybe later, his wife understood my love for children, and one day, I was having "no milk day" as in I needed more milk and went there to purchase some, she then told me, hey, Aida, I have organic eggs and organic milk, what are you feeding your kids with? 
If you do not have money right now you can pay me later, but here try it. And I took some and test in on me, I know how to manage organic milk, and I boiled it and dilute it and started feeding with this and with eggs and meat and more fruit than cereal, natural oats, nuts, kiwis, machaca, carne asada, and sometimes I will give a little "cajeta" to them, what I had I shared, and they started blossoming, their cheeks went pink, they will have lots of energy, and will be super interested in how make the food, wash with happiness their dishes, and even one day with out asking, one of them thank me for the food I gave him all days. 

So why spend my days at a office? When I was having a blast with this kids? We spent all summer in a pool, a costco one, not a fancy pool, one in where I have them "controlled" as in they will be safe and learn to have fun in the water, submerge, and play games.

The made my days and I made a wonderland around them, every day was different, and we have fun, but the end was almost near, I sensed something was not ok, sometimes parents do not realize that kiddos hear all, even south park things will stick, I do not watched south park so I had to ask what it was about to the parents, they will talk loud, about "things" and if a pap or mom has issues with other it will "be noticeable" in the behavior of the children.

At school I learnt how to deal with this situations and how to deal with them, but after my father passing away I could not deal with professional envies. So I behaved like them, I did not want to go to that school anymore.

And started thinking in my own business, it was time, i was offered and thank from the bottom of my heart a job at a office, another as a real state "in training" agent, as a translator and grown up teacher.

But I decided to pursuit a dream of happiness, my own business, I had one if the past and failed due bad decisions and was scared, but realized it was then or never to risk all.

I started making headbands as a project with a friend, she showed me how to make beaded bracelets and we will spend afternoons hand painting stars.

In my free time I will walk with Luna, my boston terrier, back and forward all Sayulita we visited all shops and had a blast. Tourist will love her, and locals will see her as a weird pet, i explained her breed and the more they saw her they got used to her, even jose the vet understood my love for her.

And well, So I stepped back all, and prayed for a light and one day that light appeared. I needed to work and the guy i was living with startin pressuring me with money, my dad just passed away, and he was my support in all senses. He said I "had behavior issues" and I said maybe, because I do not want to deal with people that pay me 25$ pesos for taking care of their childres 8hrs? While to an American they pay 200 hundred?
He got quiet but stated he needed money to pay the house, I will purchase all the food, for both, and stated that, i spent more. And he got quiet, but not for a long time.

So I was desperate, I did not want to return to my home town, (obviously with that people and not my father there anymore, why I needed to go back for?) my Visa got expired, so I wondered what should I do next?

I decided to open an online Mexican Shop, inspired by Nomme aunties, He was one of the kids I was mentoring in the afternoons, inspired by the guys walking long distances at the beach to sell Chiapas or Guatemala Loomed fabrics, dresses and bags.
I will be there sit with Luna and they will arrive and we will chat and talk about life, they will let me know that was their job to pay for the school of their brothers, and sisters.
Inspired by Art galleries, by amazing Mexican Artists, thinking one day I will be able to purchase one "Alexis David" original travel luggage and move on.

My idea worked pretty well, I did not have the remote idea of people around looking at it, I never had time to get inside the IP world of "whom visited your page", I was busy editing photos and posting new work, I will stay up until 8am working, and that person I was living with, and "sharing expenses". Will sleep at 11pm...
He never stayed up for a photoshop session.

The day he quit playa escondida was the day he sold a bag with Otomi embroidery I bought from a lovely girl, I bet it could be sold in 99usd, I paid a fair amount about (500hundred) he laughed, I bet the rent, and it got sold, the condition was he had to "appear in the images" not me. He did, and that was the last time he did "work", and well from there on I was pretty busy doing that stuff no one knows about.

He then would be "stranged" that I was stressed or did not slept at nights and managed to convince people and talk for me with "doctors", I mean I know that place is touristic, but geeesh don't they ever heard about or know someone who works "night shifts?"  I mean at Vallarta? I know there is people who work during the nights and sleep their 8 hours, I think he was just managing stuff to control me. He would criticize non stop, all my clothing, my photography to the point that I did as he wanted and "sales" stop until that, happened I was then allowed to work as I wished but with constant destructive non constructive critiques.

And basically,
That is how I started in the internet? 
Not wanting to damage locals, and using my education,
To allow my self a business that will not be unloyal, or abusive from people whom all their life have worked in the markets.
And I was not taking advantage of No one, as for me it was important to set the example for others.
And as well pay ver well.

Most people laughed, including him, called me crazy, and get my butt to work, I never realized it was because of jealousy.

And well, nowadays, where do you tend to shop Mexican Dresses, I still go to the vintage places and still admire walkers, travelers, and people at markets, whom generation through generation, more than 50 years ago, now what is traditional and smile when I arrive to purchase from them, because is a business and they now If I decide my mind and make a new piece, that means more business for them, the artists in small places, unknown by many.

One day I will show you, those who I admire, one day when they arrive to my party to have fun all dressed up.

I mean, if I am working and you take pics of me, maybe I will not like them, if you did not gave me chance to prepare and dress up myself.

;) we all like fancy and look pretty in images of ourselves, at least I do. 😌😌

A story with a little bit of everything,
That was me a while ago, underrated, and underestimated, because I am
Humble? Or Modest? But Smart enough to wait, to call my self a fashion designer the day my customer did.

And well one day I left and arrived to another little town, and God knows that maybe I am indeed a city girl. Who has other kind of thoughts.

Love y Kisses from
Another town full of Stories and Art.